Saturday, November 5, 2011

Viet 2

I have been really really busy over the last couple of weeks. Anyways, Continuing from my previous post, is still on Vietnam =) On my day of arrival, I took a walk in the right direction from my hotel. I kept walking walking and walking and eventually came across this place.

The famous Ben Thanh market. A place bustling with both locals and tourists, a place to eat local food without being slaughtered, a place to see young HOT girls selling clothes and other stuffs. The first thing I ate was the famous rice noodle beef other know as phở (pronounced as fur boar).

Famous for its coffee as well, I knew I had to try it; and so... I did =)

Their coffee is unlike anywhere in the world (at least I think so). The blended coffee beans is poured into the stainless steel filter and then hot water poured into it. the coffee will drip slowly to the cup at the bottom with milk at the base. 

Their beans has a strong aroma which really turned me on. Unlike the ordinary coffee beans, these beans have very strong aroma that even across the table, I could smell it as though it was right in front of me. If you enjoy coffee, you'd definitely love this.

Other traditional food that I got to eat was their spring rolls; made of rice paper. They seem to make turn rice into papers and noodles. That's their specialty.

The spring roll
Something like popiah
But best of all, I like their burger which they call Benh Mi.It's spicy and are very generous with their turkey =)

Benh Mi

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