Saturday, March 6, 2010

Screwed Up Logic

I saw this on the msn news "Malaysia defends inaction over Catholic 'desecretion'". Reading this, it continues to show how screwed up the logic thinking can be over here. It also shows how stupid people can be.

2 Muslim journalist spat out the communion wafer in a Catholic church and it is reported that they acted out of sheer ignorance. WTF!!! On top of that, we this clown saying:
"However, the government's top lawyer, Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail, said the pair did not understand the significance of the wafer, which Catholics believe represents the body of Jesus Christ."
This makes me wonder about a lot of things. Does this mean I get to do anything and say "ops. I was ignorant"? Does this mean I can go to a Temple or a Mosque, defile it and then say "ops. I was ignorant"? I guess after what this guy said it should be ok. Seriously... what kind of a screwed up argument is that?

He went on to say:
"The actions of the two reporters may have hurt the feelings of the people but I was satisfied that they did not intend to offend anyone. It was an act of sheer ignorance," 
It simply shows that this top lawyer is interested in covering his own kind's ass. What ignorance? Common, You go to a church and don't even know that the Mass and things like Communion is Holy? Even I go in to a temple and KNOW How to BEHAVE!!! 1Malaysia??? get real, You don't even know how to BEHAVE in a Holy place and you talk of 1Malaysia???

Here's the best part:
"Therefore in view of the circumstances at that particular time and in the interest of justice, peace and harmony, I decided not to press any charges against them," 
Interest of justice, peace and harmony??? What justice? What peace? what harmony? You go do some silly thing in a Holy place and then talk about justice, peace and harmony? You really are hopeless.
I guess now that he has put it this way, I can go defile a Mosque or kill someone and after that say "ops.. I didn't know so in the spirit of justice, peace and harmony, I shouldn't be charged." but then again, If I were to to that, I won't even have to chance to have any say. I'd be send straight to Kamunting. 

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should i put a pig head in front of the mosque...???i dun know..can anybody teach me?...idiots!!!

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