Saturday, June 26, 2010


Something really funny happen to me last week. There was a carnival at my campus last week. Not a Lots of food but games. They also had this system where if you spend money, u get one chop on your lucky draw coupon. Collect 3 and you're entitle to one lucky draw.

My friends and I manage to collect 6 and when I did the lucky draw, they told me I won a 'notepad'. I was stunted because for a moment I was thinking of this...
Acer Aspire 4551-321G32L
or maybe this...

But NO!!! It was none of the above. Instead, I got this..

I haven't seen these notepads in ages. Well that's because I'm so use to computer computer computer... I was laughing at myself the whole time after that HaHaHaHa.. Sometimes, I just think I think too much XP

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rant: Play more football

John Terry is in the spotlight again when he criticized Capello for not selecting Joe Cole. He then tried to rally the  other players in the English camp to go against Capello but failed. Now, after failing to gather support, he has apologized publicly.

For one, I don't like John Terry so writing this, I might be bias. Even during Scolari's reign in Chelsea, it was reported that he was among those who went against their manager. What's up with that?

England isn't doing too well in their group stage and unless they win in their third and final game of the group stage against Slovenia, they aren't going to make it into the last 16. At this point, considering the team is in hot soup I feel John Terry should be training harder with the team to improve and make sure they make it into the last 16 rather then trying to gather support and go against the boss.

Assuming he succeeds in whatever he was trying to do, can the English team do any better? I doubt. Let's look at France as a reference. With all the striking going on around the French camp, they have virtually thrown away their opportunity to enter the knockout stage. For France to actually make it, they'd have to win, and win it big like 5-0 at the very minimum.

Really, Terry should just stop his nonsense trying to go against managers and play football. If he is "THAT" good in strategies, then become a manager..

Monday, June 21, 2010

New Skin

It has been on my mind for awhile now to change my blogskin and I finally did. No, I didn't create it >.< credits are all at the bottom if you noticed. There's even this "HOME" at the bottom where it'll bring you right back to the top of the page for lazy people like me who don't like to scroll so much XP

I liked it a lot. For awhile now, I wanted a skin that reflected me and after hours of browsing and trial and error, I decided to go with this style. Well I'm not going to be a grandfather and drone about why and how it reflects, so I hope this new skin will make reading off this blog a pleasure =)

Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup 2010

The World-Cup fever has arrived and whether or not you are a football fan, I sure you're bound to be caught by it.

One of the many things I enjoy watching is not just the matches but the opening ceremony. Well simply because there's always A LOT of fireworks and that really gets me excited. Well somehow It always does.

Here's a schedule I plugged from

If somehow you are unable to watch any match live but have the internet with you, you can always get live results from livescore.
I am for Argentina and Spain. Well whatever team you support, best of luck and hope you enjoy this "Holy Season" =)


I wasn't in the best of mood over the last couple of days. It happened last week when this girl called and said she was interested to rent the room that was available in my unit. She said she needed the unit immediately. So I thought 'Ooo well cool. The faster the room gets rented out the better'.
She told me she'll pay me the deposit went she arrives on that same day. I thought 'Well fine with me as long as she pays'. But when she arrived, reason after reason she gave to avoid paying. Then finally, 2days later, she told me she has to go back to Sabah so she doesn't want the room and asked for a few days to pack-up and leave. Tuesday was the day she promised to move out. I was like 'WTF!!!'

Ok, never mind, random shit like that do happen sometime and me trying to be nice, I told her 'Fine. But you need to pay for your stay'. But her Tuesday soon became Wednesday morning and on a Wednesday noon, I got a phone call while I was in class from my other house-mate who told me 'Eh, I met the girl just now and asked her what time she moving out. She say Friday wor. Anyway I told her you need to move out by today.'

At that point I was really boiling inside. I meant You keep postponing your dates and the worse part is you didn't even bother to discuss with me. This is not a hotel where you can just decide to stay as long as you want. Even if she did pay for her stay, her money very big meh?

I got back that evening and told her straight 'Sorry you need to move out by 7pm. I don't care how.' Yea she did move out but in the process telling me all sorts of reason like my father forgot to book my plane ticket la... yada yada....

It really pisses me off when people are like that.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The story of the Ox and the Donkey

Once, in a farm there was a farmer who had to the ability to understand animals. He could hear them talk and understand them. So every evening, the farmer would stroll around the farm out of curiosity, just to see what his animals would talk about. On one evening, he overheard the ox complaining to the donkey

ox: You know donkey, my body is aching. I have to pull the yoke everyday under the hot sun. I envy you. All you do is carry the farmer to town to sell the farms produce and when you get back, you eat grass all day. You have such an easy going life. What should I do?
donkey: Well, why don't you pretend to be sick tomorrow?! When the servant tries to put the yoke on you, you pretend to sick. That way, you don have to work and stress yourself.

So the next day, when the farmer's servant tried to put the yoke on the ox, he moved about pretend to be sick. the servant immediately went to inform the farmer about this and the farmer replied, "Tie the yoke onto the donkey an dlet him plow the field." 
The ox seeing this was relieve and continue to pretend to be sick the following days.

This was a story told to me from a very close friend. Sometimes our intentions are pure. We want to help people, just like the donkey, but we end up getting ourselves into trouble. Thought I'd just share =)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cat Nap

I don't normally like cats but the place where I rent has lots of them roaming around. It kind of feel like living with cat women. I stay at the 5th floor (the highest floor) supposedly away from all the rats and cats and other pests or whatever scary shit that roams the area.

So I was pretty amazed when I saw a cat napping in from of my house door. Somehow looking at it nap makes me think it's adorable.

See this fur ball comfortably curled up in front of my house. Isn't he a darling? That was what I thought. I actually  thought of chasing it away but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Sigh...