Saturday, May 29, 2010

Featured in R.AGE

I was featured on this week's (26 May 2010) R.AGE's "featured bloggers" and it felt like TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

I've never been featured anywhere else and this being the first, it felt like receiving an Oscar or a Grammy; only that it's not. An exciting experience =)

I got over excited that I failed to notice that they got my URL wrong until AngelKein dropped by and highlighted it. She's the other blogger who got featured too. Thanks Angel XD

They missed the hyphen (-) between me2baby and justanordinaryboy. Well I'm still excited despite the typo. I want to take this opportunity to thank R.AGE  for the feature, Michelle and all my readers or followers, whichever category you fall into, THANK YOU!!! You made my day =)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Re-Visit: Guinness' St. Patrick

Okay, so my exams are finally over. What a relieve. I was disappointed with todays paper though, I was prepared for it. I knew how to do 90% of the paper but I  was careless in pressing the calculator buttons for one super tedious working. I did not have the time to re-check and re-do, I panicked, and started scribbling my answers and that is the root of my disappointment. I really could get a solid A. It is very very unfortunate that I was careless. high...

Anyway, since I have some free time I want to re-visit a past event I attended. Not to mention an AWESOME one. The Guinness' St.Patrick's Day celebration in 1U. It was special in a certain kind of way.

There were a lot of green and black balloons put together into shapes of a shamrock, and some abstract design I have no idea what it is. Never the less, it was pretty cool like this one. (psst.. thats me)

  They even have this HUGE black and white balloons forming a pint of Guinness Draught.

Loads of stuff were going on. There were games, food, tattoo painting and even mimes. Lots of mimes =) 
I love mimes XD don't you? 

Another one of my favorites was the fire-eaters. There were 2 of them but this one guy was totally awesome XD

This is one hell of an awesome picture if you ask me. Partly is because I took it =P but mostly, it was the fire. I even took a video of it .

My ultimate destination in this celebration was here...

It was my first time ever attending a stand up comedy event. There were two comedians. One was Douglas Lim, the other... can't remember >.< It was insanely packed and I had to stand the whole time. Nevertheless, I feel it's worth it =D

They were awesome.. REALLY AWESOME!!! 
The night ended pretty early; 11.30pm. Pffffttt... I was hoping to stay on and drink till like 2~3am but they started to pack up and left me hanging. Somehow it felt that way.

Now just as I was leaving, I saw some food stalls lelong'ing foods. I walked up to one stall and suddenly this 'ang mo' (I think he's Irish) smiled at me like I was his long lost friend and asked me if I wanted an oyster. 

I said sure. He pass one to me and OMG!!! It was really good. Let me try explain it in words as best I can. 

It is  salt'ish' with a little lime flavor. When you suck it from the shell, you get that 'sluurp' feel and suddenly, everything is in my mouth. It's chewy and at the same time.. juicy. Very JUICY. 

The best part is when I asked him "How much?" he said, "Don't bother the money". So OMFG!!! It's free too. hahaha 

It's definately something worth experiencing =)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Random 2

The time is 5.39am on a Monday morning. I should be sleeping but blame the exams, my night has turned into day and day into night.

I've been studying overnight most of the time since the exam started and occasionally, have only 4 hours of sleep. I have one last paper on Wednesday morning and my mind is far from it.

Suddenly I'm thinking about what I want to be doing after the last paper like pool or bowling or club. You know, the fun stuff =)

So Chelsea won the Premier League this time round with a trashing over Wigan. It saw Drogba with a hat-trick. Man Utd won too but were short of points. 1 I think. Better luck next time suckers!!! hahahaha.. I'm just kidding

Premier League results was mostly predictable except for the BURNLEY-TOTTENHAM game. SURPRISINGLY, the visiting team got OWNED 4-2. WTF!!!

They were pretty strong throughout this season beating Liverpool in the opening game but come the closing game, the got their ass wiped. Yea the got the fourth spot. It's embarrassing in my opinion.

Liverpool were OMG so da..DAMN disappointing it's frustrating sometimes. It wasn't a very good season fro them or me for that matter. Lets hope it'll be better next season.

A draw at with Hull means Liverpool finished at 7th in the Premier League table. Babel is crap. He can't finish cleanly and most of his goal are what I'd term as lucky. ppfffffft...

Speaking of crap, Justin Bieber is one. I just hate everything about him. He isn't cool and his songs are Horrible. Horrible Vegetable. I would trade him to get 2pac back.

It's 6.33am already, I better get down studying since I cant sleep @_@