Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I am so very PISSED right now. I couldn't run my MATLAB program yesterday, so I stayed back today in the lab trying to figure things out and with the help of some friends, I manage to solve the problem. I got home with the same source code and tried to run it again just to see the graphs; and it just wouldn't run for me. There is this stupid error and now my entire MATLAB won't work. This is BAD!!! and it's PISSING me off really bad...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Let's Make A Difference!!!

KIDS are talking about voting for the earth. It's because they CAN!!! What about you? They are voting for the polar bears, kangaroos, lions, and as for me, I'm voting for tortoises.
Switch off your lights to vote for earth on the 28th March 2009. It's only 1 HOUR (8.30pm -9.30pm) LET'S MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

Sign up for Earth Hour! - I VOTE EARTH: Christopher Choo

Earth Hour 2009 by WWF - Sign up for Earth Hour!

Liverpool 5-0 Aston Villa

This is how Liverpool won 5-0 against Aston Villa.

Liverpool v Aston Villa

And this is how Fulham denied Man Utd another 3 points.

While the first goal was plainly Utd's fault, Zoltan Gera's goal in the 87th minute was brialliant. Making the scoreboard 2-0. Rooney got sent off (YAY!!!) and Berbatov is supposedly to be suffering from an ankle injury(dono true or not. maybe Ferguson wants to keep him fresh for the premier league games :P). That'll see him miss the world cup qualifiying 2010 against Ireland

Liverpool are at top form right night. Nothing is sweeter than this. Beating real madrid 4-0, then going to Old Trafford to destroy the Devils 1-4 and now trashing Aston villa 5-0. Winning the remaining games are important for Liverpool to be able to win the Premier League title. Well that's of course if Man Utd falters along the way just like last Saturday. Then there's Chelsea eyeing for the title as well. It's going to be close call but I'm beginning to see Liverpool winning the Premiership title this season. Hopefully they don't run out of steam and come out top at the end of the season. :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

The ice cape is melting. The sea level is rising, and it's just getting too darn hot. Global warming IS happening and if we don't do something about it, we're soon going to have NO WHERE to call home. Earth is our only home and if we destroy it, where else can we go?

We always take things for granted. We take Earth for granted. And because of that, Earth is now in a mess. Pollution is everywhere. The earth will die if we don't do something. We always ask "What can A person like me do?" Well here's what YOU can do.

By doing so, you are actually voting to say you want to make a change. You want to SAVE OUR home. WHAT WILL YOUR VOTE BE?

Sign up for Earth Hour! - I VOTE EARTH: Christopher Choo

Earth Hour 2009 by WWF - Sign up for Earth Hour!

P.S: Where to get those cool t-shirts with the "60" on it ah?

The Japanese

Them Japanese never fail to impress the world with their akua. Hahahahahaha... He's got a HILARIOUS smile, and the song is kinda nice too XD


Another lazy day. I woke up feeling lifeless as though my soul has been sucked out. I feel lost and don't know exactly what I should do first. I look across the hall into the other room, my housemate seem to be doing something. I'm just staring blanks into my computer screen... I've been Zombied!!! ARRR...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I found this wordsearch to be very ADDICTIVE, and even though I have a mid-term exam tomorrow, I'm still playing this. *aigh*

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Man Utd 1-4 Liverpool

Liverpool made me a proud supporter when they travelled to Old Trafford to trash their host 1-4. I was at a 'mamak' with a few friends; boy was it full of energy. The first Ronaldo goal kind of stunted me. It was a mistake on Reina's part, and immediately after that goal, I receive a text message from a course mate, laughing at me because of my allegiance to Liverpool.

Unfortunately, 5 minutes later, a Vidic stupidity gave Torres a golden opportunity to equal Ronaldo's goal. The moment Torres won posession, the Liverpool supporter in the 'mamak' were already celebrating(including me). It was a goal for sure and thats why we celebrated. Then just before half-time, Gerard was fouled inside the box and then went on to score from a penalty. While I was ecstatic, I was a bit cautious. 2nd-half could tell a very different story. I was thinking maybe MU might just equalise and end up with a draw game. Throughout the game, Torres was showing signs of injury and that got me worried.

It started to rain half-way through so we had no choice but to move into a shaded area and share a table with a stranger but it was ok. The other guy was cool about sharing the table. We saw a Vidic stupidity in the 1st-half of the game. Well, we also saw some supporter stupidity. I mean come-on... They just walk in, stand right in front of you and happily drinking their 'teh tarik' and watching the game. I had to walk up to this guy and say "Er boss, u berdiri kat sni orang blakang tak nampek'... Come-on... grab a chair and just sit or if you really prefer to stand, move la to the side. Otak kasi you buat ape?? Gune la!!!

The 2nd-half saw Vidic given a RED card. Ok.. HE REALLY DESERVED IT!!! So this is when things started to get exciting. Aurelio took the free kick after Vidic got send off. A beautiful shot that saw Edwin van der Sar not even making efforts to saving it(probably he knew he couldn't save that ball). It was really really a beautiful shot. Well, that pretty much seals it eh?! That's what most people thought. I turn around and told a friend, "Liverpool score one more, then nice liao." My wish came true when Dossena nailed it at extra-time. WOOHOOO !!!! I was shouting my ass off everytime Liverpool scored, so I have pretty much lost my voice liao.

What happened to my course mate and his gloating that Man Utd was going to trash Liverpool, I have no idea. I did call him to tease but he didn't seem to be in the mood. So, whatever. BAHAHAHA !!!! This then reminds me of what Rooney said. He said he hated the Kop and was looking forward to ending Liverpool's title race. Now that Liverpool won, I wonder what he's got to say? Fuck you Rooney!!! Fuck you big time!!!

Looking at the match, Liverpool were on top. Though I have to say Reina seem to be a little off-form.

I stayed on to watch Arsenal play their 1st-half which saw Arshavin scoring an opening goal in the 2nd minute. So for Liverpool, they have beaten Cheasea and Man Utd twice now. Pretty cool huh :) I'm on cloud nine now. In terms of Premiership, well, I'll say Liverpool still have a chance to win it.

Below is the video of Liverpool's win at the Old Trafford. Man Utd 1-4 Liverpool:) Enjoy!!!

P.S: I still can't get over this excitement. hehe :D

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Champion's League

This week will see which side will qualify for the next round in the Champion's league. 16 teams will be narrowed down to 8. Later today, Liverpool will host Real Madrid. The guy who failed to impress in the English Premier League will now face a team who has been in 2 finals in recent seasons. With a late away goal by Benayoun, Real is in a tight spot today. It's either make or break. Real Madrid has never played at Anfield and Ian Rush, former Red's striker is saying they won't be ready for the atmosphere.
"when players walk out onto the Anfield pitch in the Champion's League it's a completely different atmosphere to anything you'll find anywhere else, and that could be the difference for us."
And I couldn't agree more with him. There is just something magical about Champion's League. Watching Liverpool play in the Champion's League has a different feel. This magical feeling will get you stuck to it and when a match has over, you're left awe-struck. The disappointment watching them loss is also doubled. I wish one day to go watch Liverpool play live in the Champions league (ok, so I think I started dreaming).

Today will also see Juventus going head-to-head with Chelsea. I hope to catch the Liverpool game but my housemate is a Chelsea fan. So, we might have to argue on which channel to watch :P
Another team that caught my attention is FC Bayern who scored 5 away goals against Sporting CP. How in the world is Sporting going to fight back? Only God knows. So for me, it's pretty much Bayern who will move on to the next round. Amazing... Going to other people's home ground and trashing them 5-0. Hahaha...

Tomorrow will see Man Utd Hosting Inter Milan. Another interesting match. It's interesting because of Mourinho. A draw in their previous encounter wasn't a good thing both both teams, and this time round, it's going to be a tight one. Let's hope Mourinho's team beat the crap out of Man Utd.. Hahaha... :P


Sunday, March 8, 2009

English In Science And Maths.

The Star online reported that 124 were arrested when a memorandum was to be given to the King, appealing for maths and science to be taught in BM. Tear gas were fired at the crowd.

Then there is this another news saying teachers going mad teaching those subjects in english.

Ironically, many students chose to answer their PMR exams in english

So... What's the fuss about teaching maths and science in english? Students themselves are opting to answer their exams in english. So why should teachers go mad teaching it in english? If teacher are going mad because they can't teach in english, then shame on them. It just shows how incompetant them teachers are.

If we are serious about improving ourself and our country, then the english language is going to have to be part of us. It is the language of the 21 century. Either accept it of be left out. Even the Japanese and Chinese in China are making efforts to learn this language but we here we are busy rioting and protesting against it being taught in important subjects like science and maths.

I have a coursemate who is struggling with his english language. But he takes the effort to learn it, and not protest agianst our subjects being taught in english. Why then is malay teachers complaining that it's tough? If it's tough and you can't handle the pressure, then quit.

I know those people who were at the gathering had nothing else better to do but please, instead of complaining that it's hard to teach, or instead of giving some LAME reason that we must preserve our National language, spend more time learning the english language.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Malaysian Dreamgirl (Season 2).

Season 2 has arrive, and I'm talking about the Malaysian Dreamgirl competition. 21 hopeful contestants have already been selected and filtered and now, 12 remain, all aiming to be next the Malaysian Dreamgirl. This is where the competition really starts, and you can expect things to get intense ( I think).

For those who still don't know what Malaysia Dreamgirl is all about, it is simply a reality modelling show. Girls from across Malaysia are selected base on certain criterias and are put to battle among each other to become a model. Only one winner (obviously isn't it?). Pretty much like the "America's Next Top Model". It is Malaysia's 1st ever online reality series. You can't catch it on your regular flat screen tv. Everything is online.

I didn't really follow the 1st season except for just a few episodes here and there. For those who didn't catch it, you still can.

Because I didn't follow season 1, and because I'm jumping straight to season 2, I don't know what to expect. The 1st 3 episodes of season 2 was on scouting for young talented Malysian girls who have what it takes to become a model. Watching the search was pretty amussing. Episode 2-4, a girl walks in zig-zag like she's drunk, and went asked to tie her hair, she abruptly replied "Ah... Never Mind". And for the record, she almost fell doing a cat walk. WTF??? Why was she even there in the 1st place??? Some, just didn't know what they wanted.

Honestly, among the top 12, I found only a hand full to I think have potential. Among them was Ming. She was over the top if you ask me. Actually I kinda like her. She has flawless skin, though she's not tall and wears braces, she has the sophisticated look and it makes her sexy.

Other girls I found sexy were Pinky and Dawn. Pinky actually looks "kiddy", but that's what makes her special. Dawn, a sweet smile. Besides, all these girls know to strike a post. Another girl I think have potential is Natasha. She just got a makeover and I think she'll be something in the coming weeks. Well we'll just wait and see what happens. All the action can be caught on

After A Hectic Week.

A rather hectic week has ended for me. 3 mid-term exams this week. Not that it's all over, I still have alot more assignments to finish and 2 more mid term exams. But that's ok because their all spread out. Well for now I can chill a little and concentrate more on my finals. It was because of this hectic schedule, I didn't spend much time with my pet tortoise. I was dating my books, computer and bed. I felt bad, so when I got back I fed it, talked to it, and giving it some TLC.

Tortoise are also known as land turtles, and I've always loved them. I think their cool. I remember my dad getting me my first when I was a kid. It was after my UPSR exam results. It was a "labi-labi", a soft-shelled tortoise, to be more precise. I kept it for about 3 years after which it went back to see it's Creator. 3 years IS a long time. It was as big as my stretched open palm. Did you know that "labi-labi" likes to bury themselves? I still don't know why, but back then, it always bury itself under the sand in the tank. Only it's head will be sticking out to get some air.

Now that I have this, I hope it won't be so anxious to want to go see it's creator. I saw on 'Discovery' regarding a tortoise sanctuary. They create an environment where these giant tortoise can live in. I can't remember where it is but there, they have a programme where people can adopt a giant tortoises. You don't have to take it home. You can't even if you wanted to. You just pay the adoption fees which will be used to pay for feeding them giant tortoises, and some maintenance. The rest will be looked after by the professionals. Really cool.

Their just amazing creatures :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Lost Generation

I got this through email. I really like the way they played around with words. AWESOME!!! It's more than just word playing. It has a message. The message,
(sounds like some science fiction.. haha..)
Hope you like it :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Liverpool At It Again.

As I am typing this, Liverpool is playing an away game against Middlesbrough. 8 minutes left on the clock and Liverpool is down 2-0. A very disappointing game to watch. Xabi Alonso's own goal in the 1st half shouldn't have happen.

The home team's second goal was pretty. A right footed shot by Tuncay from the centre of the box to the bottom left corner. No way Reina could have saved that. Middlesbrough were playing pretty well from my point. Good defending.

Liverpool did create chances but if they just couldn't capitalize on these chances. What a waste. Many shots were taken by Liverpool compared to Middlesbrough, but their shots were either blocked or off target.

Somehow, everyone on the Liverpool team seem to be misfiring. I could get HBP if I continue watching.

I started thinking after seeing how Liverpool is playing against a team who is fighting to avoid relegation. Is Liverpool really going to win anything this season? Do we Liverpool fans need to keep waiting? Haven't we waited long enough for a domestic silverware? Are they really champions? I like Liverpool a lot, but when they perform this bad even against a team among the bottom 3, I can't help but wonder if they really are going to be contenders for the Premiership. Even the Liverpool fans are leaving the stadium already.

Everton and Chelsea were a happier team as they earn another 3 points each. Everton beat West Brom Albion 2-0, while Chelsea beat Wigan 2-1. Arsenal continues their "draw"ing streak against Fulham with the final score 0-0.

As I end this blog entry, it's already official, Middlesbrough 2-0 Liverpool.