Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chinese New Year!!!

Chinese New Year!!! This year, we welcome the OX. Did you know that an OX is a castrated bull. So I was told. Well, whatever. Bull or OX don't make any difference to me. I'll be busy eating, collecting "ang pows" and playing with fire crackers.

On the eve of the Chinese New Year, my family had both reunion lunch and dinner (the more reunion meals the better). My mom however was not around so both my brother and one sister were doing all the preparations. We had steamboat. My sister cooked some dishes like the black asam prawns and the fried fish. I think my brother did the chicken. So what's left for the steamboat ? Some different types of fish balls, crabs, vegetables, etc.

I got the cocktail done. My formula; Home made nutmeg juice + chivas. It's got a sweet taste with just a mild chivas smell and after a few sips, you'll start to feel your inside getting hot.

On the first day of Chinese New Year, I had to wake at 9am to go to church. You see; Our family especially my dad believes that we should always offer up the 1st day of the year to God. So fine, off we go to church and after that comes to most exciting part of Chinese New Year; "Ang Pows". It's the only culture in the World that I know that gives you money on the 1st day of the year. Cool huh ?! I got a few. But still a lot more to come from my aunties and uncles. Just the thought of it makes me feel rich. Hahaha...

We had yee sang for lunch on the 1st day of Chinese New Year. Now, yee sang, is normally eaten on the 7th day of Chinese New Year but because I will be heading back to KL on the 7th day, our family brought forward this eating of the yee sang. Yee sang is an appetizer believed to bring good luck for the coming year. My family would gather round and armed with a chopstick, we would toss the yee sang high (the higher the better ma) before eating it.

Chinese New Year has been great thus far. Just some time with my family with lots of alcohol and food. But before I get back to KL, I have one last thing to do. That is to play with the fire cracker I bought for RM28. It's a pretty good buy if you ask me; 8ft for RM28. Hopefully when my Rm28 goes up in smoke, good luck will come my way. Hehe...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Liverpool 1-1 Everton

Sadness.. Sadness.. And more sadness.. Just looking at the score line makes me heart broken. I woke at about 5am, turn on my PC, and stream online this match. It was half time and the score board was 0-0. I sat and watched the 2nd half really nothing interesting about it. Then suddenly Gerard's shot found the back of the net. At 68 minute, I thought AWESOME !!! Liverpool now sure will win. But an individual known as Tim Cahilll destroyed my dream. At the 87th minute, he headed an equalizer. Now I am stunned. Man Utd is at the top of the table, and have a game in hand. Will Man Utd win this season again or will Liverpool win the fight ? We'll just sit and watch.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bolton 0-1 Man Utd

A last minute goal by Berbatov was enough to assure Man Utd a victory over Bolton. A cross by Tevez who was still standing after a failed tackle by two Bolton defenders and a header by Berbatov from the centre of the box right into the centre of the goal was the winning formula.

Ronaldo took 3 free kicks and none found the net. The visitors were pretty accurate at their shots having many "on target" shots and were a threat to Bolton many time but thanks to Bolton's Jaaskelainen and their rather tough defence, the match remained 0-0 for 89 minutes.

Halfway through the 1st half of the game, some idiotic fan decide he wanted to become famous and ran into the field. Only to be caught by the officials. All I saw was the officials rushing into the field and dragging this guy out of the field.
Speaking about idiots, what was with Makukula's tackle? He just barge into Vidic from the back. What was that for? He could have gotten a red. Was he paid to sabotage Bolton? It kind of makes me wonder.

Although Man Utd were in possession most of the time, Bolton did create some chances. Among them at the 57th minute when a Jlloyd Samuel cross was headed high by Kevin Davies. At 86th minute, Muamba missed the goal from his right foot shot. It would have been a beatiful goal had it not been a miss.

Watching this game, I really thought it would end up to a goalless draw but I guess Bolton's defence slacked a little towards the end; giving Man Utd an opportunity. At the end, I'd say Man Utd got lucky, and is now at the top of the table. :)

Liverpool will be facing Everton on Monday. With Chelsea beating Stoke City 2-1 and Arsenal earning 3 points with a victory over Hull City ( Hull City 1-3 Arsenal), I'm hoping Liverpool will earn their 3 points and top table again. :P

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A day at Wendy's.

I would choose dining in Wendy's over McD simple because they make better burgers. They are WAY better than any McD burgers and for the price that I pay to eat in a McD outlet, I would rather just spend a few more Ringgit and dine in Wendy's.

I was in Wendy's earlier today and I ordered a half-pound double with cheese. It was BIG. I had a combo set that came with a soft-drink and some fries. They are not stingy with their beef, and so to with the vegetables. The beef well prepared and wrapped in paper with one side that looks like an aluminium coat. This is ensure that your burger is always warm. The drink was the size of what would normally be a large in McD; but in Wendy's, it's only medium. Large in Wendy's is HUGE!!!

The thing about wendy's is it not only has big serving, it tastes good. The buns are soft and warm. cheese melted; vegetables all fresh looking (smells fresh too). The juicy beef is the main thing that made my mouth water. It's JUICY. It's not dry and hard, but rather, it's soft and juicy.

There are other great stuff on the menu. There's chicken burgers as well as shrimps. Other would be the hot stuffed baked potatoes. 3 types of stuffings for you to choose from. I kind of fancy the one with bacon and cheese. Another thing off the menu that I fancy as well is the frosty. The very basic one is the Original frosty. There are others like the frosty shake and frosty float.

Now, If you love burgers, you'd love Wendy's. For me, Wendy's is the place I'd be the next time I crave for a burger.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A New Semester.

The new semester has begun for me. It means going back to classes. Waking up early, rushing to meet datelines, struggling to understand a subject, EXAMS, etc. It isn’t something most people look forward to; and that includes me.

I dread going back and there were times I barely made it through the semester. But this time round, I found a motivation. I promised myself, that if I did well in this new term, I can buy whatever I want. ANYTHING!!! I said to myself; “If I do well this time, I can go buy that Liverpool original Jersey or a Sony cyber shot camera.” By doing well, I mean getting better grades compare to previous semesters, and pulling my CGPA up.

One item per semester is the condition. Why? Well that is because so I can continue to use this same way to motivate myself until I graduate. Besides, if I get everything I want in a go, I’d be giving more attention to those new toys rather than what’s more important (studies). Make sense? Sure does :P

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Anime. (update)

In my previous blog, I did mention that I will be viewing "soul eater" and "Code Geass R2". Well, I only manage to start with "soul eater" and along the way, I got addicted. Hahaha... Soul eater isn't all that bad. The 1st 3 episodes to me are kind of boring and I just could not connect to some of the jokes there. Anyway, there isn't much in the 1st 3 episodes. It was just a prolounge, introducing the a few main as well as some supporting characters. Episodes that follow are really fun to watch.

The whole idea of "Soul Eater" is how weapon technicians in the Shinigami Technical school use human weapons to collect 99 evil human souls and 1 witch soul. All this to create a "Death Scythe" for the Shinigami.

I only manage to view untill episode 21. The latest out is 39. Slowly but surely, I'll catch up.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stoke City 0-0 Liverpool

Liverpool were not at their best when they were held to a goalless draw against Stoke City (A team fighting against relegation). Being a Liverpool supporter, this match was far from exciting, but rather, a disappointing one. Stoke City Played well, creating chances and were close to scoring goals several times. One attempt was by Glenn Whelan (Stoke City) who took a free kick from just outside the box but missed it by a few inches from the left post. It kept Reina on his toes. Liverpool too had their fair share of chances but were unable to convert those chances to secure them a 3 point. Steven Gerard (Liverpool) hit the bar at the 84th minute and missed another chance in extra time when he hit the right post from the centre of the box. What a miss, What a miss... At full time, both teams only manage to rake in a point each. Man Utd will host Chelsea later today. Lets hope both teams draw. That should keep Liverpool at the top for a little longer. :P

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ink, Ink and more Ink.

My printer cartridge ran out of ink. So I got some ink and started refilling it. Little did I know that a simple task like this could end up in a disaster. I took some time to study the manual and when I was pretty confident with myself, I started off with the first step which was to drill a hole at the top. Halfway through, the pin got stuck, so I started hammering it in (How smart I was).

After awhile, I thought maybe it was time to stop, and proceeded to the second step, insert syringe and pump ink in. As I pumped, ink started to ooze out from the hole I made and soon it was oozing out from the other end of the cartridge as well. At that point, I panicked and started to blot the ink with lots of tissue paper.

I ran a test print to check; but my PC was showing "Low Ink". I repeated step 2 for a couple of times (with ink oozing out each time), insert syringe and pump, insert syringe and pump some more. Soon, I ran out of ink with the "'Low Ink" prompt still showing. (O Crap!!!)

That's when I got some "enlightenment". I referred back to the manual and saw that for colour cartridges, you pry open the top cap to refill. Wow. Why not do the same for this. So these itchy fingers of mine starts prying the top open with a knife. I opened it alright, and found that the hole I was suppose to drill wasn't deep enough (That explains the ink oozing out from the hole I made).

Then I realized; I was in more trouble than I was in earlier on. How do I seal the cap back? Think... Think harder... UHU? Hey, why not? I used UHU but; UHU don't do magic and it definately did NOT solve my problem. So now I ended up wasting not only 1 syringe of ink but also a cartridge.

I learned something out of this; I did. I learned that when it comes to ink refilling, you can count on me to make a mess :P

Friday, January 9, 2009


It is nearly 3am now and I'm still awake. Blame it on the cup of coffee and my addiction to anime. I'm downloading some anime and since the Internet line is super fast during the wee hours, I thought "Hey why not turn nocturnal and make use of the download speed". Seems like TM is nocturnal too.

Bleach 201 was released yesterday. Saw it, love it, want more. The story is about a teenager (Kurosaki Ichigo) obtaining shinigami (death god) powers and how he used it to fight evil. Really worth watching.

Then there's Gundam 00, which is already into season 2. In the first season, the year is A.D 2307, and the earths fossil fuel has run dry. Hence, mankind turns to other available power source, solar power. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to enjoy this luxury which then leads to resentment and wars. This is when an unknown organization (Celestial Being) surface and starts intervening in all wars by force using huge cool looking robots (Mobile suits). Season 2 continues this story and talks about new threats faced by Celestial Being. It's basically a science fiction anime you shouldn't miss.

Another anime I find interesting is D-Grayman. Exorcist, are a group of people who uses "innocence" (power given by god) to fight the millennium earl. The main character is a young boy, Allen Walker, whose cursed left eye is able to see akumas (demons created by the millennium earl), who is sent to headquarters by his master. The battle between good and evil intensifies when one of the high ranking exorcist gets killed.

So far, these are the few that I'd recommend people to watch. I will be viewing Soul eater and Code Geass R2 very soon. Some friends where telling me that these 2 are not bad. If you happen to know anything that is worth watching, PLEASE intro, and I'll do likewise.