Thursday, May 28, 2009

Man Utd fell in Rome

In terms of skills, Man Utd were nowhere near Barcelona. Barcelona displayed a lot of determination and did amazingly well in controlling the ball. Both teams did have their fair share of stupidly wasting the opportunity to score goals, but in the end, it was Barcelona who prevailed.

Park Ji-Sung could have put the Devil's in the lead early in the first-half but shot it way above the top bar.Then, Ronaldo took a free-kick 32m away from the goal, which was on target, but was denied a goal by Victor Valdes. Barcelona had to wait only 10 minutes when Eto'o tucked it behind Edwin to give them the lead over Man Utd.

The start of the second-half saw Barcelona wasting a lot of chances. Just watching it pissed me off. Van der Sar was impressive. He was working and working and working. He made a lot of nice saves and for that I have to give him credit. Messi finally nailed it in the 70th minute. A cross from Xavi, a jump from Messi, and using the side of his head, he basically sealed a win for Barcelona. Man utd were deparately fighting but at last, 90 minutes came to an end. Barcelona had won.

Looking at the entire match, Man Utd were more often than not being toyed by Barcelona. Barcelona crossed the ball with pinpoint acuracy and the players seem to know where and who to pass the ball to. They played really beautiful football and deserve their win. Well, this is pretty much the end of the football season. This weekend will see Everton take-on Chelsea for the FA cup. It should be interesting :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Clothing's For The Girls

Just a little update here. The new stocks have arrived and they're looking as HOT as ever. I'm not kidding you.

Please do check out my friends blog site for more information and to see the different choices of colours and designs.

More stuff includes cardigans. For something casual, you have this. There's more to see in

If on the other hand, you're looking for something to go with your beautiful dress, then obviously, you'll need something beautiful as well. Well, how about one of these?

Now don't forget that there's bags too. Lots more beautiful stuff to see. So just head over to cheers :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Breaking the transfer record again?

Liverpool willing to pay 50 million pounds for Tevez. With the American owners reported to have given Benitez only 20 million to spend, it seems he might have to sell in order to buy. Alonso is being linked to a 22 million pounds move to Real Madrid.

Personally, I feel Alonso should stay at the KOP. I like him and I think he plays well too. Tevez on the other hand, I'm just doubtful. I hope Liverpool will buy up David Villa and in any case if they were to buy Tevez, I hope it won't be a flop like Robbie Keane.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mr Goodbye

My dad has a new hobby. Watching Korean dramas. While he was glued to one of those episodes, I casually sat to watch with him. Just to find out what's so interesting about Korean movies. So happen, "Mr. Goodbye" was being aired.

My first impression was "Wa.. The chick so cute 1 ah!!!" The guy in this drama is not too bad looking too. Actually, I'd consider him a "leng chai".

This story is about a successful man (Yoon Hyun Suh) who manages a hotel chain in Korea. He meets a girl (Choi YounIn) who just so happens to work in his hotel, and falls for her. He then begins to discover about life and what happiness means. It's called "Mr. Goodbye" because it's always never too late for anyone to find happiness; even if that person has to say goodbye. Put it simply. The rich handsome guy will die at the end of the series.

I didn't watch till the end, but looking at just a few episodes, I feel it's a nice Korean drama. It's a romantic story told in a comical way. It's only 16 episodes and worth watching :) I'm definately going to download this series when I get back to KL.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Man Utd 0-0 Arsenal

OK.. Man Utd won. I'm a bit disappointed but I guess I'd have to congratulate Man Utd. Congratulation for winning the Premiership title again.

Man Utd didn't play well with Arsenal. In fact, I have to say Arsenal were the better team today. Still, Man Utd manage to hold on for 90 minutes to earn their 1 point and win another silverware. Tevez almost nailed it in the 60th minute but Fabianski come out to challenge and Arsenal managed to snuff out the attack. Tevez was replaced by Park Ji-Sung at the 67th minute. Is that the last of Tevez at Old Trafford? or will he be scoring more goals for Man Utd in the coming seasons? Well we'll just have to wait and see.

Arshavin did pretty well. I remember watching him wriggle past 3 Man Utd defenders into the penalty area early in the 1st half, BUT, it was Evans who stopped him. It was a beautiful effort by Arshavin. I really did hoped for Arsenal to win this but never mind that now. Liverpool will just have to settle for 2nd place this season and hopefully next season, they win more games instead of draws. Congrats again to Man Utd and its fans :)

Friday, May 15, 2009


I'm back in Penang but I forgot to bring South Park back with me. So, besides eating, I'm pretty much left with nothing to do. I have a gate paint though, but right now, I'm just too darn lazy. I'm on holiday, what do you expect? :P

I miss Kenny McCormick. He's the one with the orange-hooded jacket that dies in every episode, then come back alive in the next one, just to die again. hahaha..
He talk's cute too. "mmf mmmfmfff" all muffled up. :)
You can never understand what he's talking about because everything he says is all muffled up. So I'm always guessing. :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Ladies' Clothes and Bags

A friend of mine is selling girls clothes and bags. I did a bit of advertising for her in one of my previous blog entry and hope you readers did check out her blog. Anyway, there's more clothing's and bags for you girls out there. Newer designs.

What I like about this is that you can wear it for any occasion. Be it a dinner or just for some outing with your friends. A simple design yet elegant. There's more

Guy's, why not surprise your special one with one of these hot dresses or bags? I'm sure they'll like it. There's a whole lot of new stuff up for sale.

Remember to go check her blog site
There's more stuff to see, the price is fairly reasonable and you might just find what you're looking for there. Cheers :)

Nizar or Zambry?

Nizar or Zambry? Hmmm... High court's decision was over-thrown by the court of appeal so Zambry was re-instated as Perak MB. Perak is really in a mess. I'm not from Perak and yet everytime I read about the political situation in Perak, I get fed-up. Why is BN so DESPARATE to regain Perak? This fight between Pakatan and BN I feel is pointless.

Why don't they just have a fresh state election and if BN wins, fair-and-square. They can put whoever they want as their MB. But if BN losses, Pakatan can do the same. Is BN scared of holding another election? The last general election showed that BN has already lost the people's trust. So in my opinion, instead of fighting for a state, why don't BN just focus on regaining the people's trust? They are still in power aren't they? So why don't work on improving?

If I'm an outsider reading this news, I'd find this issue a joke. Honestly. I'm no expert in politics, but that's just the way I see it.


Wigan host Man Utd early this morning and when I woke to check the results, it was Wigan 1- 2 Man Utd. For me, it was disappointing. A win for Man Utd means they are now 6 point ahead of their rival Liverpool and are at the brink of winning the Premier League title. This also means for Liverpool to even win,they must win the remaining 2 games while ManUtd must lose the last 2 games of the season.

Now first I consider Arsenal's form. It sucks. Arsenal are pretty much in a bad shape right now. A mistake in the Champion's League allowed Park Ji-Sung to score. Also, watching the game with Chelsea, Arsenal was just plain HOPELESS. So what will happen if they play Man Utd?
If Man Utd win this game with Arsenal, or even draw, they will be crown Premier League Champion yet again.

Hull City is facing relegation and to play with a big team team like Man Utd, well I don't think they stand a snow balls chance in hell. So maybe, MAYBE, Liverpool will just end up in 2nd place this season. Liverpool might just have to share their bragging-rights with Man Utd. Not a good thing.

Despite knowing that Man Utd have a very very very high chance of winning again this season, I am still living in hope. HOPING they lose in the next 2 games so Liverpool will win.

Friday, May 8, 2009

One more to go

I now have one more paper to go. ONE MORE TO GO. Last paper will be on this Monday.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ladies' Clothes And Bags

A friend of mine is doing some sales. Selling ladies clothes and bags. Basically girl's stuff. If you are looking for something to carry around in style, something to give the sophisticated aura, why not something like this

If on the other hand you're looking for something simple, where you can take to party, shopping, etc. Something for everything kind of bag, then this would be nice

or this

There's even clothes. LOTS of NICE ones. Really. You should check them out at her blog That's where she updates everything. And the pricing is reasonable too. Just head over to her blog and check it out. You might find something you like. Cheers :)

Britain's Got Talents

My next paper will be on the 8th. That's next Friday. So in the mean time, I'm taking a short break. surfing the net, watching anime, etc. Basically just chill a little bit before resuming my studies later tonight.

I've heard about "Britain's Got Talents" from a friend and youtube disabled the embed function for the current season so there is no way I can get the latest video's to upload. But, I did surf older ones and boy let me tell you this, Britain's Got talents. Just take a look at this 6 year old Connie Talbot. Amazingly Amazing!!! She's cute, she's got talent and she has over 45 million views in youtube.

Wait, there's more. A young 13 year boy who is a victim of school bully hit it high. It stunned me. I wish I could do that.

Another one is Paul Potts (no no not the leader of the Khmer Rouge). I'm talking about PAUL ROBERT POTTS. A mobile phone salesman from South Wales who just wanted to sing. And sing he did. He ultimately went on to win the "Britain's Got Talent in 2007 and recorded his debut album titled "One Chance". This year, his second album titled "Passione" was released in New Zealand (13 April 2009). It just amazing watching these talented people sing.

If you go to youtube, go see Susan Boyle too. She's one in a million.