Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ending 2009

2009 has been a rough and bumpy ride, yet, it was interesting for me. It taught me that no matter how good your intentions are, there will always be people who will take it the wrong way. But the lesson is to not sulk and wallow in revenge and hate but rather to always forgive and keep a clear conscience.

Yes, there were set-backs here and there like not achieving what I aimed for in exams, or the time where I had a little dispute with some of my course mates. But that's all gone now and I'm looking forward to the New Year.

A fresh new start and hopefully, a wild and fun ride XD Happy New Year to all !!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


While I was doing my internship, I had the opportunity to participate in a poster competition. It's a competition. First prize, RM300; Second, RM200; Third, RM100; consolation however was just RM50.
My team started working on our poster hoping to win that RM300. I did the wordings for the headings. Its inspired by Transformers. Then I stuck it on a yellow background and as for the colour of the letters, it was just glue and glitter.

The final product of our hard work. We did a presentation and after that, the winners were announced. I feel I did well but we didn't win the first prize :( We got consolation hahaha

This was first prize poster

Well no worries at least we had fun and a great experience :)


It all started about 2000 years ago when a little baby was born into this world. His name, Jesus. Born of a virgin, He was laid in a humble stable where Shepard's from all around came to pay Him their homage. Angels; singing songs of joy, celebrating the birth of a King.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Imagine yourself on one of these hot calender cover.
Well, now is your chance. Sensuala Lingerie is having yet another girl search to be featured in the 2010 Sensuala Calender.

If you have what it takes, why not take part. Lots of cool prizes to be won. You could also be a HOT topic among the Hot boys :)

Well guys, do check 'em out and support at

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


To my Precious:

I remember us loving each other.
Then not too long ago, we had an argument.
I said hurtful things that made you cry,
and refuse to understand you.

But as I thought about you and our argument,
I realized how foolish I have been.
It's like I stuck a knife into your gentle heart.
I thought of our happy times, our sacrifices, our hard work together;
I thought about how we use to get scolding from our parents for staying out too late just to spend some extra minute together.
I thought of the advice we gave each other.
I thought of our funny moments and how we always laugh our hearts out.

I realized that I want to spend more time loving you.
I want to continue laughing to my hearts content with you.
I want to continue to make sacrifices with you.
I want to make sweet memories with you.
Why? Because you are SPECIAL!!!

I want this argument to end.
Let's go back to loving each other.
But before we do that,
I need to say, for foolishly sticking a knife into your heart,

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Internship 3

Today, my supervisor got a new trainee; my replacement. She'll be training for 6 months.

My supervisor left her with me late in the morning; asking me to train her since she'll be taking over me. I tried to break the ice by making casual conversation and even I took her for a line tour; explaining to her the process of assembling.

What I thought of her? Well, I think she's a tad too quiet. Throughout the line tour, she hardly asked any questions. I asked her a few times if she understood me and she said 'Yes' I asked her if she had any questions and she said 'No'. I'm not sure if she really understood me or if the ice has not been broken. I hope I'll be able to communicate better with her in the coming days.

I do not have much time left. When my supervisor introduced her to me, I thought to myself "Good. Got extra hands to help me". Then, like lightning, it struck me that 2 months have come and gone. I have only a month left for my training. How time flies. I still have a lot to do but time isn't on my side. But now with the new intern, I hope things will be better for me and my preparation for my presentation on the 16.

I did enjoy myself for the past 2 months. I love work despite the hectic schedule and the work load. Yes it can be stressful at times but I enjoyed the challenge. What I want now is to end this training by awe'ing' the managers with a superb presentation and hopefully, leaving a good mark in the company. Whether or not I will achieve this goal remains to be seen. Wish me luck in this final lap :)

Saturday, November 28, 2009


It's a Saturday morning and while some people have to go to work, I don't. I decided to just sit in front of the computer with a cup a coffee, contemplating on the things going on around me.

Speaking of work, I have a tad too many things to do. My data collection isn't done yet since I'm suppose to collect for 25 days for different shifts. Which is kind of worrying for me because I have a presentation to do on the 16th of December. Data collected needs to be processed and I'm not even there yet. I do not know what to expect and I'm wondering if I'm ever going to pull it off right. There is a war going on inside my head.Going to war, MCA seem to be having one among themselves and though they say they are trying to make peace, I feel this whole issue is a joke. I'm no politician but reading it off the papers, I got to ask 'Why is it that MCA is always fighting among themselves on who should be the president?'. It makes it look like they joined MCA to just fight for seats and not to serve the people. Even the Prime Minister had to intervene. It really looks silly.

Well at least MCA isn't the only that seem to be in a crisis. Liverpool FC are in one too. A different type of crisis though. They just got knocked out of the Champion's league and they are performing like shit in the Premiership. It's not only annoying for a fan like me it is also very frustrating. They only depend on players like Gerard and Torres to bring home the goals. So what happens when these players get injured? Screw up? The gods seem to have left Anfield. Maybe Rafa needs to start spending. But the KOP is already in debt. Which means more crisis.

Money always talks the loudest. Girls like men with lots of $$$, and DiGi loves me because I always over spend my phone bill >.<

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The family dog :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Annoying Housemate

One of my house mate has already gone over board. He never cleans the house; instead, he messes it up. I was back in KL for a day last week to attend to some personal matters. When I got back to my rented house, it was a mess.

I walked in to be invited by a stinky smell. The smell of rubbish. Instead of throwing the garbage at the dumping area downstairs, he decided to just leave it behind the main door near my room door. Not only was it stink,garbage water was seeping out of the bag and there were maggots around the hall area. My guess is that it was there for almost a week, if not more. I had to clean it up yet again.

Second thing that pissed me of was the fact that he left his 'fat-ass' underwear on the dining chair. WTF!!! It's where people sit to have meals or chit chat. He is suppose to be a graduate but he act like a piece of uneducated trash. The hall is a common place you don't put stuff like that all over the place.

The other thing that got on my nerve is after sweeping the floor, he'd just throw the broom aside instead of hanging it up in the proper place. Even after using the dust-pan, he doesn't empty it. he just leaves the rubbish there. I wonder if he thinks the rubbish will disappear on its own.

I got so pissed I wrote a 3 page long note to him with a marker pen and stuck it on his room door with a double sided tape. I should have glued the notes so it won't come off.

I just wonder what his parents taught him at home. Mess the house?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Internship 2

Work work!!! I'm working like a peon. It's already 1 week since I started my training and it has been work work and more work. I got to learn how to handle machines. Not 1, not 2. but 4 machines. Tomorrow, I'll be taught a new machine. So that makes it 5.

Yes, it's a good thing that I have something to do and learn but I'm kind of stressing up a little. You see; it's not just the handling of machines I'm learning. I'm required to know what project to run, what tooling table to use, etc. All the info packing up in my head in a mere 1 week. I'm not a fast learner so that's a disadvantage (kind of) for me.

Well, I hope I'll be able to adapt fast and become an asset instead of a liability :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009


I've heard stories about how interns have nothing to do during their internship but that is not necessarily the case. I started my internship in AMD on Thursday.

On my first day, I had to attend some introductory talk where they briefed us on their culture and what is expected of us trainees. We are expected to 'work' and if our job is not finished, we can't go home (that is how they function). Also, at the end of our training, we have to do a presentation to the manager on what we have done for the past 3 months. They call it "Project".

I was introduced to my supervisor and was taken for a tour in the production line. (I know how they manufacture computer processors already :D)

The second part of the day got a little busy. I went to help my supervisor collect some data for her project. Half-way through, the machine started to act-up; forcing us to stop work. :( By the time we finished, it was already 6pm. It was a tiring day, but it was fine. That, was 1st day of work.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

This IS Our Passion

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Early Mornings

I'm up early; first time in a very long time. Normally it would be around this time that I go to bed and will sleep through to mid-day.

It really feels good. The peaceful and cool surroundings lightens up the heart. When I look outside with a cup of coffee in my hands, I see nothing but darkness; and in the distance, the street lamps colours the streets in low-pressured sodium vapors. I have almost forgotten this feeling since I left high school. It soothes the heart; removing all worries. A moment to savor.

This somewhat reminds me of back when I was is high school. My dad would wake us up and we'd take turns to shower. Then we'll eat our breakfast quietly like little angels and prepare. He'd send us to school and that's where I become the devil :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

West Ham 2-3 Liverpool

Now that's the way you do it :) First you tell your players what to do.

Then just sit back and watch them execute in style. Never mind the little blunders here and there. Mission accomplished for the day :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I'm sitting in front of my computer eating a plum and enjoying this few hours of peaceful time before starting a very tight schedule of intense preparation for the final exam. YUP!!! Finals is around the corner.

Many things have happened while I was away from blogging. One of which will bring us to the myth of the broken mirror. It is believed that whosoever breaks a mirror will suffer 7 years of bad luck. Is this just a myth of is it for real? I am clueless.

Well you see, recently, I wanted to shave, so I placed the mirror on top of the water tape filter. But when I went to get my shaver, a strong wind came and blew the mirror off the water tape filter. Will I have to suffer 7 years of bad luck? Maybe..

Recently, I seem to be plagued with a series of unfortunate event. The first was me knocking my head on the upper deck of my double-deck bed. Then, continuously, I tripped over the telephone cable (which never happened before). Then there was this me dropping an iphone, and reversing the car right into a pillar =.=''' I feel jinxed.

So, is the myth still just a myth or is it for real? I'd like to think of it as a myth and hope this series of unfortunate events come to pass.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Premier League

It's the start of another season of the Barclay Premier League. This week will see Man Utd locking horns with rivals Chelsea.

We know of some shocking and surprising transfer news this time round but the same question will be asked again. Who will triumph at the end?

I'm all pumped up despite my very hectic schedule.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson - A legend to remember

Michael Jackson will be remembered for A LOT of things and among them, the "Moon Walk"

Jackson owned the charts in the 1980s and is considered one of the most successful entertainers, with a lifetime sales tally estimated at about 750 million records and 13 Grammy Awards to his name.

Well, I guess his time came to an end. Farewell and Rest In Peace Michael Jackson, THE KING OF POP!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Some Fun

Few weeks back I was in "Yaki-Yaki Japanese barbeque buffet Restaurant" with some friends from my campus. We had a great time eating and playing. Esspecially the playing :)

I feel the food could have been better. It was ok just that I feel there isn't much choice compared to places like "Jogoya" or "Shogun".

This looked good, but I prefer it raw :) I ate mostly fish. Why? Because fish is expensive and I just didn't want to fill my tummy with common stuff like sushi. So fish it was. In "Yaki-Yaki", they give you a tab perperson where you exchange it for an alcohol of your choice. Since there where about 15 of us, we had 15 tabs which we shared. Sake was at the top of the list. Well at least my list :D It was warm and nice.

After awhile, I decide that the cup was too small and some guys helped me drink it off the bottle.

We had more than just sake. Carlsberg made its way in and soon, we we drinking as much as 15 tabs would allow us.We even ushered the new semester with a few cheers

And after that, someone wanted to check if I was really a boy. ISH -_-'''

I guess it's just important to have some fun :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Busy (Assignments and Internship)

I have been occupied for the last few days. First there was the issue on how the university I'm in screwed up my student account. Now that it has been settled, Thank You Michelle :) , I have to think on how am I going to start my 3 assignments which requires me to build some hardware.

The first assignment is very general. We are ask to build an Analogue system that is usefull and interesting. Now what is that suppose to mean? I am still wondering. My lecturer gave us an example of a car alarm system and says we building an FM transmitter won't count since some of the groups in my lectures have done that in their previous semesters. So what am I to build? Any suggestions?

The second assignment is to build a remote control race car with an adjustable "spoiler". Now I know this assignment sounds cool but if you're in my shoes, it ain't that cool. First, I have to do LOTS of research. and then buy hardware using my own pocket money and 3rd, I have no clue yet as to how we're going to build this remote control race car. I did suggest to my group mambers to buy a cheap remote control car and tear is apart to see what's inside. Then hopefully, we can get an idea and start from there.

The 3rd assignment is to go buy any kind of antenna and do a case study on it. It just means that we have to see study how it works. Notice that in all these 3 assignment we have to use our own cash? Sighs.. All in 1 go.

There is one more thing I have to think about and it is the most important thing right now. It is regarding my Industrial training that will commence on 1st October for 3 months. I have already completed my resume and cover letter and made 2 applications in Jobstreet today. Hopefully I get a good company.
(Random blabbering: 1 company in Kedah offering RM1200 per month for internship, but need to work for 12 months)
Also, if any of you know of any company that offers internship for an electronic student in KL or Penang, Please let me know. I am interested. Thank you in advance. :)

Geez.. It's getting late already. I better go get some rest.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

For Those Who Love To Save

DiGi has a new project; "For Those Who Love To Save". It's a charity thing where we click (vote) and DiGi will give a small amount to the charity organization of our choice. There are 3 main categories; Nature, Health and Social, and in these 3 main categories, there are a few organization we can choose to support. I chose SPCA Selangor.

I visited SPCA Selangor once and it really saddens me to see most of these dogs abandoned by their previous owners. It's like an orphanage for cats and dogs. What these people do in SPCA is give these animals LOVE and CARE. Right now, I'm not capable of adopting a dog or a cat, so the least I can do, is vote. It just takes 3 simple steps. Just click and in a matter of minutes, you're done. So why not shelf our selfishness and click here or the banner below to do your part and SAVE..

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Man Utd fell in Rome

In terms of skills, Man Utd were nowhere near Barcelona. Barcelona displayed a lot of determination and did amazingly well in controlling the ball. Both teams did have their fair share of stupidly wasting the opportunity to score goals, but in the end, it was Barcelona who prevailed.

Park Ji-Sung could have put the Devil's in the lead early in the first-half but shot it way above the top bar.Then, Ronaldo took a free-kick 32m away from the goal, which was on target, but was denied a goal by Victor Valdes. Barcelona had to wait only 10 minutes when Eto'o tucked it behind Edwin to give them the lead over Man Utd.

The start of the second-half saw Barcelona wasting a lot of chances. Just watching it pissed me off. Van der Sar was impressive. He was working and working and working. He made a lot of nice saves and for that I have to give him credit. Messi finally nailed it in the 70th minute. A cross from Xavi, a jump from Messi, and using the side of his head, he basically sealed a win for Barcelona. Man utd were deparately fighting but at last, 90 minutes came to an end. Barcelona had won.

Looking at the entire match, Man Utd were more often than not being toyed by Barcelona. Barcelona crossed the ball with pinpoint acuracy and the players seem to know where and who to pass the ball to. They played really beautiful football and deserve their win. Well, this is pretty much the end of the football season. This weekend will see Everton take-on Chelsea for the FA cup. It should be interesting :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Clothing's For The Girls

Just a little update here. The new stocks have arrived and they're looking as HOT as ever. I'm not kidding you.

Please do check out my friends blog site for more information and to see the different choices of colours and designs.

More stuff includes cardigans. For something casual, you have this. There's more to see in

If on the other hand, you're looking for something to go with your beautiful dress, then obviously, you'll need something beautiful as well. Well, how about one of these?

Now don't forget that there's bags too. Lots more beautiful stuff to see. So just head over to cheers :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Breaking the transfer record again?

Liverpool willing to pay 50 million pounds for Tevez. With the American owners reported to have given Benitez only 20 million to spend, it seems he might have to sell in order to buy. Alonso is being linked to a 22 million pounds move to Real Madrid.

Personally, I feel Alonso should stay at the KOP. I like him and I think he plays well too. Tevez on the other hand, I'm just doubtful. I hope Liverpool will buy up David Villa and in any case if they were to buy Tevez, I hope it won't be a flop like Robbie Keane.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mr Goodbye

My dad has a new hobby. Watching Korean dramas. While he was glued to one of those episodes, I casually sat to watch with him. Just to find out what's so interesting about Korean movies. So happen, "Mr. Goodbye" was being aired.

My first impression was "Wa.. The chick so cute 1 ah!!!" The guy in this drama is not too bad looking too. Actually, I'd consider him a "leng chai".

This story is about a successful man (Yoon Hyun Suh) who manages a hotel chain in Korea. He meets a girl (Choi YounIn) who just so happens to work in his hotel, and falls for her. He then begins to discover about life and what happiness means. It's called "Mr. Goodbye" because it's always never too late for anyone to find happiness; even if that person has to say goodbye. Put it simply. The rich handsome guy will die at the end of the series.

I didn't watch till the end, but looking at just a few episodes, I feel it's a nice Korean drama. It's a romantic story told in a comical way. It's only 16 episodes and worth watching :) I'm definately going to download this series when I get back to KL.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Man Utd 0-0 Arsenal

OK.. Man Utd won. I'm a bit disappointed but I guess I'd have to congratulate Man Utd. Congratulation for winning the Premiership title again.

Man Utd didn't play well with Arsenal. In fact, I have to say Arsenal were the better team today. Still, Man Utd manage to hold on for 90 minutes to earn their 1 point and win another silverware. Tevez almost nailed it in the 60th minute but Fabianski come out to challenge and Arsenal managed to snuff out the attack. Tevez was replaced by Park Ji-Sung at the 67th minute. Is that the last of Tevez at Old Trafford? or will he be scoring more goals for Man Utd in the coming seasons? Well we'll just have to wait and see.

Arshavin did pretty well. I remember watching him wriggle past 3 Man Utd defenders into the penalty area early in the 1st half, BUT, it was Evans who stopped him. It was a beautiful effort by Arshavin. I really did hoped for Arsenal to win this but never mind that now. Liverpool will just have to settle for 2nd place this season and hopefully next season, they win more games instead of draws. Congrats again to Man Utd and its fans :)

Friday, May 15, 2009


I'm back in Penang but I forgot to bring South Park back with me. So, besides eating, I'm pretty much left with nothing to do. I have a gate paint though, but right now, I'm just too darn lazy. I'm on holiday, what do you expect? :P

I miss Kenny McCormick. He's the one with the orange-hooded jacket that dies in every episode, then come back alive in the next one, just to die again. hahaha..
He talk's cute too. "mmf mmmfmfff" all muffled up. :)
You can never understand what he's talking about because everything he says is all muffled up. So I'm always guessing. :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Ladies' Clothes and Bags

A friend of mine is selling girls clothes and bags. I did a bit of advertising for her in one of my previous blog entry and hope you readers did check out her blog. Anyway, there's more clothing's and bags for you girls out there. Newer designs.

What I like about this is that you can wear it for any occasion. Be it a dinner or just for some outing with your friends. A simple design yet elegant. There's more

Guy's, why not surprise your special one with one of these hot dresses or bags? I'm sure they'll like it. There's a whole lot of new stuff up for sale.

Remember to go check her blog site
There's more stuff to see, the price is fairly reasonable and you might just find what you're looking for there. Cheers :)

Nizar or Zambry?

Nizar or Zambry? Hmmm... High court's decision was over-thrown by the court of appeal so Zambry was re-instated as Perak MB. Perak is really in a mess. I'm not from Perak and yet everytime I read about the political situation in Perak, I get fed-up. Why is BN so DESPARATE to regain Perak? This fight between Pakatan and BN I feel is pointless.

Why don't they just have a fresh state election and if BN wins, fair-and-square. They can put whoever they want as their MB. But if BN losses, Pakatan can do the same. Is BN scared of holding another election? The last general election showed that BN has already lost the people's trust. So in my opinion, instead of fighting for a state, why don't BN just focus on regaining the people's trust? They are still in power aren't they? So why don't work on improving?

If I'm an outsider reading this news, I'd find this issue a joke. Honestly. I'm no expert in politics, but that's just the way I see it.


Wigan host Man Utd early this morning and when I woke to check the results, it was Wigan 1- 2 Man Utd. For me, it was disappointing. A win for Man Utd means they are now 6 point ahead of their rival Liverpool and are at the brink of winning the Premier League title. This also means for Liverpool to even win,they must win the remaining 2 games while ManUtd must lose the last 2 games of the season.

Now first I consider Arsenal's form. It sucks. Arsenal are pretty much in a bad shape right now. A mistake in the Champion's League allowed Park Ji-Sung to score. Also, watching the game with Chelsea, Arsenal was just plain HOPELESS. So what will happen if they play Man Utd?
If Man Utd win this game with Arsenal, or even draw, they will be crown Premier League Champion yet again.

Hull City is facing relegation and to play with a big team team like Man Utd, well I don't think they stand a snow balls chance in hell. So maybe, MAYBE, Liverpool will just end up in 2nd place this season. Liverpool might just have to share their bragging-rights with Man Utd. Not a good thing.

Despite knowing that Man Utd have a very very very high chance of winning again this season, I am still living in hope. HOPING they lose in the next 2 games so Liverpool will win.

Friday, May 8, 2009

One more to go

I now have one more paper to go. ONE MORE TO GO. Last paper will be on this Monday.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ladies' Clothes And Bags

A friend of mine is doing some sales. Selling ladies clothes and bags. Basically girl's stuff. If you are looking for something to carry around in style, something to give the sophisticated aura, why not something like this

If on the other hand you're looking for something simple, where you can take to party, shopping, etc. Something for everything kind of bag, then this would be nice

or this

There's even clothes. LOTS of NICE ones. Really. You should check them out at her blog That's where she updates everything. And the pricing is reasonable too. Just head over to her blog and check it out. You might find something you like. Cheers :)

Britain's Got Talents

My next paper will be on the 8th. That's next Friday. So in the mean time, I'm taking a short break. surfing the net, watching anime, etc. Basically just chill a little bit before resuming my studies later tonight.

I've heard about "Britain's Got Talents" from a friend and youtube disabled the embed function for the current season so there is no way I can get the latest video's to upload. But, I did surf older ones and boy let me tell you this, Britain's Got talents. Just take a look at this 6 year old Connie Talbot. Amazingly Amazing!!! She's cute, she's got talent and she has over 45 million views in youtube.

Wait, there's more. A young 13 year boy who is a victim of school bully hit it high. It stunned me. I wish I could do that.

Another one is Paul Potts (no no not the leader of the Khmer Rouge). I'm talking about PAUL ROBERT POTTS. A mobile phone salesman from South Wales who just wanted to sing. And sing he did. He ultimately went on to win the "Britain's Got Talent in 2007 and recorded his debut album titled "One Chance". This year, his second album titled "Passione" was released in New Zealand (13 April 2009). It just amazing watching these talented people sing.

If you go to youtube, go see Susan Boyle too. She's one in a million.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

1 Down 5 More To Go

Just finished my first paper today. Moral. YAY!!! It was fine. I did not find any problem with the paper. Now I have 5 more to go. Hopefully all will be fine like today's paper. :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

More trouble

This entire week wasn't a good one for me. First there was an issue with my course mates, then, with my UNI administrators. I am actually not a happy man.

First, they changed the entire system and then, the course structure. Initially, the subjects we are to take are all preset for us. Now in the new system, we have to register our units online. Well that should not be a problem right? WRONG!!! They changed the course structure so much so that subjects that we initially are suppose to take in year 4 has been shifted to an earlier year and semester.

Then, units that I'm suppose to take next semester are not even available for me to register. Why? because it is not in my "new" course structure. So I end up wondering what subject I'm suppose to take. There is even a case where I wanted to register, though there were 20 places available for the lecture, there wasn't any tutorial spaces left. So ended up I can't register. WTF!!!

The subjects I'm registering are all lectures and tutorials. What about labs? I did not see anything about lab time. So what if the lab time clash with a lecture we selected? or a tutorial? And it's impossible we don't have labs. It's an engineering course. There has to be practicals. Well nothing mention about it.

I went to inquire about this registering of subjects before even registering my subjects. I was told. Please read your email and login to the website. It's already Friday. Tomorrow they won't be anyone there to settle this shit, so on Monday, I'd have to go back to UNI to go inquire about the mess.

If the admin wants to change everything to make like what is done in the public UNI, at least don't screw up. PLAN!!! PLAN!!! PLAN!!! Somehow with all this mess going on, I feel I'm going to loss track on which subject I've already taken. GEE... Near exam oso got all these nonsense happening.

This entire system is RUBBISH.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fakers With No Guts I sometimes Meet

I was back in my hometown over the weekend and boy when I returned, a lot happened.

What I found out was that a few course mates where pissed at me because I handed up the tutorials I collected a day before the dateline, and that they didn't know about it. It seems they didn't even know about the tutorial dateline. So blame me. Why? because I'm the class rep. It didn't just stop there. I was further accused of not informing these group of course mates regarding the latest news. Like lab venues or changes.

But here's the funny thing. They didn't tell it to my face. Instead, they caught 2 guys whom I now mingle with to be their scapegoat. They even send nasty msgs to them bad-mouthing me. I receive none of those msgs. Simply No Guts(SNG).

For the record, I photocopied a set of timetable for everyone in my course in JANUARY. In that timetable, you will find the lab time and VENUE. So do I still need to inform anyone ? Second, there was only ONE lab change and I did inform everyone. I even had to call this group because they were late and the lecturer was waiting for them to arrive. So why was I accuse of not giving up-to-date information?

Ooo Ooo... they even said as course rep, I hand up everything for the group I mingled with only. F.Y.I, this was the FIRST time I handed up separately. Throughout the entire semester, I always pack the assignmenst together, clip it and hand up IN A GROUP. It was only this time that I was going back to my hometown so I just handed up early. But that's not an issue. There were some other course mates who handed up the tutorial themselves. It all goes to the same lecturer. So why get pissed of at me?

Most datelines were announced during lecture. So if you're absent, whose responsibility is it to find out about datelines? The course rep? I was taught when I was younger by my dad. If you didn't go to school, you call your friends to ASK if there is any homework or important stuff. I have no responsibility to look after other people's backside.

Behind my back they talk and bitch about me but when I confront them, all chicken out. Keep quiet and say not angry at you. Bloody fakers. I heard everything you said S.O.B!!! You accuse me of being incompetent but you couldn't cough out a reason.

Ya there were some complications regarding the notes for one of them WAY back but I apologized and settled everything for her and she even told me "ok never mind. settle d" But this problem was brought up again. So it wasn't really settled huh?

I have a theory as to why this all started. But I'll leave that for another episode. Such annoying pest I sometimes meet.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just another day

Today I officially completed all assignments, all projects, and from here on, starts a new headache. Finals. Thanks to KitKit, no more headache for the multimedia assignment :) KitKit THANKS!!!

Just to chill a little bit, I came home to find my internet line in a stable condition. A little update on my internet line; A TM officer, LV, called me today to inquire about the condition of the line. I said so far, things are stable. She then told me she'll do the billing rebate for me. Meaning I'll get refunded for all those weeks of no internet line. THANK YOU!!! So hopefully, things are settled.

Coming back to what I was saying ealier. I came home, watched some new anime (Full Metal Alchemist season 2 out liao) surf the net, and tried out some flash stuff. Basically just chilling.

Later, Liverpool will host Chelsea for Champions League. I should be watching that. Another news that made my day was MAN UTD was held by PORTO FC... Muahahahahaha!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

TM screwing up again!!!

I have been having problems with my internet line yet again. TM seem to enjoy giving bad service. It keeps disconnecting and I can't even browse the internet.

I made a complain by calling the hot line. They opened a report for me and all I had to do then was to just wait. I called Back after 3 days later just to be told by the officer that my report has passed its dateline. I thought, 'Ok, never mind. Maybe got some serious problem.' But when asked further on what was the technician's comment on the problem, the officer replied, "No technician has attended to your problem yet, sir." WHAT??? NO ONE HAS TRIED TO SOLVE MY PROBLEM EVEN WHEN THE REPORT HAS PASSED ITS DATELINE??? Keep cool... Keep cool... I just shut the phone.

And for the second time, I send an email to the Federation Of Malaysian Consumers Association(FOMCA) to complain about the bad service.
I informed them that this is my second time writing to them and that TM is not giving me the bandwidth I'm paying for.

Results were immediate. The following day, an officer from the TM headquarters called to inquire about my situation and to check if any technician had visited me. I gave them my feedback and they said they'll call me back in 3days time to check with me again. She even told me to call her directly if I have any problems.

Suddenly, TM became so (SOOOOO) damn efficient. Why can't they give this kind of service everytime? Why do people need to go to FOMCA to get things done? Today I got a call from a technician saying he has replaced the wiring at my place and asked me to test the line. They line is good now. Why can't they be this effective all the time?

I know most people will say "Aiya don use TM la. Just change then kau tim lo" but the point here is YOU are paying for it. Why then should you be cheated or short-changed? Why should you get your name 'black listed' and break the TM contract when it isn't your fault? It's not like I didn't go to TM to complain about the problem. I did. It's just they force me to complain to FOMCA.


How long will the line be stable? I'll just have to wait and see.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Fulham 0-1 Liverpool

I missed the Liverpool game because I was just too tired. Blame it on my assignments. But no matter :) I woke up and saw the news that Liverpool won with a goal on extra time. YAY!!! Benayoun the hero...

Fulham v Liverpool

After watching this video, I must say Liverpool got lucky. REAL LUCKY. It seems the players were only aiming for the goal frame. Well they did a 'Good' job shooting at the frame. It was risky, but they manage to pull it off. So thumbs ups for the entire team :) YAY!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Verilog: Source of brain clog

Earth hour has come and gone. I did my part by switching off my entire house lights. I went out to watch them switch kl and twin tower lights off. Then watched them switch it back on at 9.30pm(took a video of it too).

I don't have time to really blog about it now (but I will soon) as I have other obligations like ASSIGNMENTS. I have to write a verilog program and right now I'm stuck at how to write the output (I don't even know if my input's are written correctly). Furthermore, the verilog software I have just won't compile my source codes.

You see; I haven't done my 2nd lab for this subject which is about verilogs. So whatever I'm doing right now, is trial-and-error and referring to my lecture notes. I guess it's going to be another sleepless night for me. I'm TOTALED!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I am so very PISSED right now. I couldn't run my MATLAB program yesterday, so I stayed back today in the lab trying to figure things out and with the help of some friends, I manage to solve the problem. I got home with the same source code and tried to run it again just to see the graphs; and it just wouldn't run for me. There is this stupid error and now my entire MATLAB won't work. This is BAD!!! and it's PISSING me off really bad...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Let's Make A Difference!!!

KIDS are talking about voting for the earth. It's because they CAN!!! What about you? They are voting for the polar bears, kangaroos, lions, and as for me, I'm voting for tortoises.
Switch off your lights to vote for earth on the 28th March 2009. It's only 1 HOUR (8.30pm -9.30pm) LET'S MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

Sign up for Earth Hour! - I VOTE EARTH: Christopher Choo

Earth Hour 2009 by WWF - Sign up for Earth Hour!

Liverpool 5-0 Aston Villa

This is how Liverpool won 5-0 against Aston Villa.

Liverpool v Aston Villa

And this is how Fulham denied Man Utd another 3 points.

While the first goal was plainly Utd's fault, Zoltan Gera's goal in the 87th minute was brialliant. Making the scoreboard 2-0. Rooney got sent off (YAY!!!) and Berbatov is supposedly to be suffering from an ankle injury(dono true or not. maybe Ferguson wants to keep him fresh for the premier league games :P). That'll see him miss the world cup qualifiying 2010 against Ireland

Liverpool are at top form right night. Nothing is sweeter than this. Beating real madrid 4-0, then going to Old Trafford to destroy the Devils 1-4 and now trashing Aston villa 5-0. Winning the remaining games are important for Liverpool to be able to win the Premier League title. Well that's of course if Man Utd falters along the way just like last Saturday. Then there's Chelsea eyeing for the title as well. It's going to be close call but I'm beginning to see Liverpool winning the Premiership title this season. Hopefully they don't run out of steam and come out top at the end of the season. :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

The ice cape is melting. The sea level is rising, and it's just getting too darn hot. Global warming IS happening and if we don't do something about it, we're soon going to have NO WHERE to call home. Earth is our only home and if we destroy it, where else can we go?

We always take things for granted. We take Earth for granted. And because of that, Earth is now in a mess. Pollution is everywhere. The earth will die if we don't do something. We always ask "What can A person like me do?" Well here's what YOU can do.

By doing so, you are actually voting to say you want to make a change. You want to SAVE OUR home. WHAT WILL YOUR VOTE BE?

Sign up for Earth Hour! - I VOTE EARTH: Christopher Choo

Earth Hour 2009 by WWF - Sign up for Earth Hour!

P.S: Where to get those cool t-shirts with the "60" on it ah?

The Japanese

Them Japanese never fail to impress the world with their akua. Hahahahahaha... He's got a HILARIOUS smile, and the song is kinda nice too XD


Another lazy day. I woke up feeling lifeless as though my soul has been sucked out. I feel lost and don't know exactly what I should do first. I look across the hall into the other room, my housemate seem to be doing something. I'm just staring blanks into my computer screen... I've been Zombied!!! ARRR...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I found this wordsearch to be very ADDICTIVE, and even though I have a mid-term exam tomorrow, I'm still playing this. *aigh*

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Man Utd 1-4 Liverpool

Liverpool made me a proud supporter when they travelled to Old Trafford to trash their host 1-4. I was at a 'mamak' with a few friends; boy was it full of energy. The first Ronaldo goal kind of stunted me. It was a mistake on Reina's part, and immediately after that goal, I receive a text message from a course mate, laughing at me because of my allegiance to Liverpool.

Unfortunately, 5 minutes later, a Vidic stupidity gave Torres a golden opportunity to equal Ronaldo's goal. The moment Torres won posession, the Liverpool supporter in the 'mamak' were already celebrating(including me). It was a goal for sure and thats why we celebrated. Then just before half-time, Gerard was fouled inside the box and then went on to score from a penalty. While I was ecstatic, I was a bit cautious. 2nd-half could tell a very different story. I was thinking maybe MU might just equalise and end up with a draw game. Throughout the game, Torres was showing signs of injury and that got me worried.

It started to rain half-way through so we had no choice but to move into a shaded area and share a table with a stranger but it was ok. The other guy was cool about sharing the table. We saw a Vidic stupidity in the 1st-half of the game. Well, we also saw some supporter stupidity. I mean come-on... They just walk in, stand right in front of you and happily drinking their 'teh tarik' and watching the game. I had to walk up to this guy and say "Er boss, u berdiri kat sni orang blakang tak nampek'... Come-on... grab a chair and just sit or if you really prefer to stand, move la to the side. Otak kasi you buat ape?? Gune la!!!

The 2nd-half saw Vidic given a RED card. Ok.. HE REALLY DESERVED IT!!! So this is when things started to get exciting. Aurelio took the free kick after Vidic got send off. A beautiful shot that saw Edwin van der Sar not even making efforts to saving it(probably he knew he couldn't save that ball). It was really really a beautiful shot. Well, that pretty much seals it eh?! That's what most people thought. I turn around and told a friend, "Liverpool score one more, then nice liao." My wish came true when Dossena nailed it at extra-time. WOOHOOO !!!! I was shouting my ass off everytime Liverpool scored, so I have pretty much lost my voice liao.

What happened to my course mate and his gloating that Man Utd was going to trash Liverpool, I have no idea. I did call him to tease but he didn't seem to be in the mood. So, whatever. BAHAHAHA !!!! This then reminds me of what Rooney said. He said he hated the Kop and was looking forward to ending Liverpool's title race. Now that Liverpool won, I wonder what he's got to say? Fuck you Rooney!!! Fuck you big time!!!

Looking at the match, Liverpool were on top. Though I have to say Reina seem to be a little off-form.

I stayed on to watch Arsenal play their 1st-half which saw Arshavin scoring an opening goal in the 2nd minute. So for Liverpool, they have beaten Cheasea and Man Utd twice now. Pretty cool huh :) I'm on cloud nine now. In terms of Premiership, well, I'll say Liverpool still have a chance to win it.

Below is the video of Liverpool's win at the Old Trafford. Man Utd 1-4 Liverpool:) Enjoy!!!

P.S: I still can't get over this excitement. hehe :D

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Champion's League

This week will see which side will qualify for the next round in the Champion's league. 16 teams will be narrowed down to 8. Later today, Liverpool will host Real Madrid. The guy who failed to impress in the English Premier League will now face a team who has been in 2 finals in recent seasons. With a late away goal by Benayoun, Real is in a tight spot today. It's either make or break. Real Madrid has never played at Anfield and Ian Rush, former Red's striker is saying they won't be ready for the atmosphere.
"when players walk out onto the Anfield pitch in the Champion's League it's a completely different atmosphere to anything you'll find anywhere else, and that could be the difference for us."
And I couldn't agree more with him. There is just something magical about Champion's League. Watching Liverpool play in the Champion's League has a different feel. This magical feeling will get you stuck to it and when a match has over, you're left awe-struck. The disappointment watching them loss is also doubled. I wish one day to go watch Liverpool play live in the Champions league (ok, so I think I started dreaming).

Today will also see Juventus going head-to-head with Chelsea. I hope to catch the Liverpool game but my housemate is a Chelsea fan. So, we might have to argue on which channel to watch :P
Another team that caught my attention is FC Bayern who scored 5 away goals against Sporting CP. How in the world is Sporting going to fight back? Only God knows. So for me, it's pretty much Bayern who will move on to the next round. Amazing... Going to other people's home ground and trashing them 5-0. Hahaha...

Tomorrow will see Man Utd Hosting Inter Milan. Another interesting match. It's interesting because of Mourinho. A draw in their previous encounter wasn't a good thing both both teams, and this time round, it's going to be a tight one. Let's hope Mourinho's team beat the crap out of Man Utd.. Hahaha... :P


Sunday, March 8, 2009

English In Science And Maths.

The Star online reported that 124 were arrested when a memorandum was to be given to the King, appealing for maths and science to be taught in BM. Tear gas were fired at the crowd.

Then there is this another news saying teachers going mad teaching those subjects in english.

Ironically, many students chose to answer their PMR exams in english

So... What's the fuss about teaching maths and science in english? Students themselves are opting to answer their exams in english. So why should teachers go mad teaching it in english? If teacher are going mad because they can't teach in english, then shame on them. It just shows how incompetant them teachers are.

If we are serious about improving ourself and our country, then the english language is going to have to be part of us. It is the language of the 21 century. Either accept it of be left out. Even the Japanese and Chinese in China are making efforts to learn this language but we here we are busy rioting and protesting against it being taught in important subjects like science and maths.

I have a coursemate who is struggling with his english language. But he takes the effort to learn it, and not protest agianst our subjects being taught in english. Why then is malay teachers complaining that it's tough? If it's tough and you can't handle the pressure, then quit.

I know those people who were at the gathering had nothing else better to do but please, instead of complaining that it's hard to teach, or instead of giving some LAME reason that we must preserve our National language, spend more time learning the english language.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Malaysian Dreamgirl (Season 2).

Season 2 has arrive, and I'm talking about the Malaysian Dreamgirl competition. 21 hopeful contestants have already been selected and filtered and now, 12 remain, all aiming to be next the Malaysian Dreamgirl. This is where the competition really starts, and you can expect things to get intense ( I think).

For those who still don't know what Malaysia Dreamgirl is all about, it is simply a reality modelling show. Girls from across Malaysia are selected base on certain criterias and are put to battle among each other to become a model. Only one winner (obviously isn't it?). Pretty much like the "America's Next Top Model". It is Malaysia's 1st ever online reality series. You can't catch it on your regular flat screen tv. Everything is online.

I didn't really follow the 1st season except for just a few episodes here and there. For those who didn't catch it, you still can.

Because I didn't follow season 1, and because I'm jumping straight to season 2, I don't know what to expect. The 1st 3 episodes of season 2 was on scouting for young talented Malysian girls who have what it takes to become a model. Watching the search was pretty amussing. Episode 2-4, a girl walks in zig-zag like she's drunk, and went asked to tie her hair, she abruptly replied "Ah... Never Mind". And for the record, she almost fell doing a cat walk. WTF??? Why was she even there in the 1st place??? Some, just didn't know what they wanted.

Honestly, among the top 12, I found only a hand full to I think have potential. Among them was Ming. She was over the top if you ask me. Actually I kinda like her. She has flawless skin, though she's not tall and wears braces, she has the sophisticated look and it makes her sexy.

Other girls I found sexy were Pinky and Dawn. Pinky actually looks "kiddy", but that's what makes her special. Dawn, a sweet smile. Besides, all these girls know to strike a post. Another girl I think have potential is Natasha. She just got a makeover and I think she'll be something in the coming weeks. Well we'll just wait and see what happens. All the action can be caught on

After A Hectic Week.

A rather hectic week has ended for me. 3 mid-term exams this week. Not that it's all over, I still have alot more assignments to finish and 2 more mid term exams. But that's ok because their all spread out. Well for now I can chill a little and concentrate more on my finals. It was because of this hectic schedule, I didn't spend much time with my pet tortoise. I was dating my books, computer and bed. I felt bad, so when I got back I fed it, talked to it, and giving it some TLC.

Tortoise are also known as land turtles, and I've always loved them. I think their cool. I remember my dad getting me my first when I was a kid. It was after my UPSR exam results. It was a "labi-labi", a soft-shelled tortoise, to be more precise. I kept it for about 3 years after which it went back to see it's Creator. 3 years IS a long time. It was as big as my stretched open palm. Did you know that "labi-labi" likes to bury themselves? I still don't know why, but back then, it always bury itself under the sand in the tank. Only it's head will be sticking out to get some air.

Now that I have this, I hope it won't be so anxious to want to go see it's creator. I saw on 'Discovery' regarding a tortoise sanctuary. They create an environment where these giant tortoise can live in. I can't remember where it is but there, they have a programme where people can adopt a giant tortoises. You don't have to take it home. You can't even if you wanted to. You just pay the adoption fees which will be used to pay for feeding them giant tortoises, and some maintenance. The rest will be looked after by the professionals. Really cool.

Their just amazing creatures :)