Saturday, November 5, 2011

Viet 2

I have been really really busy over the last couple of weeks. Anyways, Continuing from my previous post, is still on Vietnam =) On my day of arrival, I took a walk in the right direction from my hotel. I kept walking walking and walking and eventually came across this place.

The famous Ben Thanh market. A place bustling with both locals and tourists, a place to eat local food without being slaughtered, a place to see young HOT girls selling clothes and other stuffs. The first thing I ate was the famous rice noodle beef other know as phở (pronounced as fur boar).

Famous for its coffee as well, I knew I had to try it; and so... I did =)

Their coffee is unlike anywhere in the world (at least I think so). The blended coffee beans is poured into the stainless steel filter and then hot water poured into it. the coffee will drip slowly to the cup at the bottom with milk at the base. 

Their beans has a strong aroma which really turned me on. Unlike the ordinary coffee beans, these beans have very strong aroma that even across the table, I could smell it as though it was right in front of me. If you enjoy coffee, you'd definitely love this.

Other traditional food that I got to eat was their spring rolls; made of rice paper. They seem to make turn rice into papers and noodles. That's their specialty.

The spring roll
Something like popiah
But best of all, I like their burger which they call Benh Mi.It's spicy and are very generous with their turkey =)

Benh Mi

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Viet 1

I was on a business trip to Vietnam for 10 days last week. When my boss 1st told me he's sending me there, I really didn't know what to expect.

Vietnam in my perspective was just a poor country with nothing much to offer and isn't as happening as our KL. That all change during my stay there. I was converted in just 10 days.

When I landed at the Tan Son Nhat airport, Vietnam, The 1st thing that hit me as strange was the local time. Vietnam is located further to the east of Malaysia. Therefore, logically, Their clock should be faster than Malaysia. That however is not the case.; they are in fact 1 hour behind us. That is still something I wonder even till today.

Having been hit by this weird time reversal feeling, I suddenly felt I needed to explore this simple country more. I suddenly had the urge to wanting to see this country, not from a tourists point of view, but from a locals point of view. This was the start of my conversion as I quietly say to myself "Vietnam, here I come."

One of the very 1st things I noticed about the country is that their roads are filled with motorbikes. The number of cars on the road is less than what we have in Malaysia. I manage to capture this on my way to work.
The sea of motorbikes on the opposite direction.
Zooming in. ..and I thought Penang was bad.
The traffic there is crazy. Crazily unique =) Everyone uses the honk like its a musical instrument and everyone squeezes on the road. If I happen to knock you on the road and there isn't any injury, you'd just give me a stare and we'll continue our journey. No violence, no trying to eat each other, no suing, nothing. Just a stare and we're off . Is that unique or what =)

I talked to a local about the traffic condition and this is what he tells me. The number of bikes on the road is due to the cheap prices of bikes there; and with 10 million people living in Ho Chi Minh city alone, what do you expect the roads to be like? lol

The other thing is that, cars are special things to them. Owning one means you're rich. If you're rich, then you should drive a big car. Call them show-off =P

I asked the local, "What if you drive a small car?" he says a lady driving a small car is fine but generally, the locals are shy to drive small cars because they see it as a shameful thing. Also, if you drive a small car, most people will treat you like an outcast. 

I thought to myself 'that serious huh?' Also, I came to understand that it is not very easy to get a bank loan over there as compared to over here. 

Moving away from the busy traffic, Vietnam has lots of good food. I had the opportunity the dine with some locals to taste their local delicacies and drink their local beer. All these in the next posts. Goodnight for now =)

Saturday, July 23, 2011


I recently got this from using a screw driver while fixing up my new cupboard it certainly makes me feel very Jesus and his Crucifiction  =) 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Robo Pete

It's cool that Liverpool is coming to town but what's cool also is..
..Robot guy from LMFAO =D I think they call ROBO PETE. Check out this vid

Liverpool Asia Tour

With 14 days to go, I can't help but feel excited about Liverpool coming to town. I want more tickets to watch Liverpool and is possible, I really want to meet them; for real. Get a team photograph with them, that would be awesome. =]

So I'm getting behind my team and sending them a message on the Asia tour 2011 webpage.

My message..

and like that was enough, I added another..

I'll be adding more throughout the course of the day and who knows.. I might just get to meet them up close and personal. woohoo =D

Taiwan 2

I meant to post this a long time ago but somehow it got stuck in my 'draft' till just now when i was browsing through. A blast from the past the past I guess. LOL

Work was normally from 10am to 8 or 9 am. There was once we worked up till 10am. Working with them Taiwanese really is something. For them, time to work, they work properly; but when it's time to eat or after work, they really know how to enjoy themselves. Nearly everyday after, we go to seafood restaurants and eat seafood with beer as drinks. This is one the many seafood restaurant we ate in.

The hotel I stayed in was fun. Internet access was everywhere. And the best part is it doesn't lag. It really made me happy =D Girls were awesome looking too. Well, most of them.

There's also this place they call "LOVE MOTEL" where each room has its own garage that you can just drive into park your car and walk up to your room. This gives you privacy allowing you to do anything "naughty" in private =)

Even when it says "MOTEL", they really serve you like royalty =)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Liverpool Tickets

I rushed to Qbay Immediately after work. Scurried to the lower ground and into ADIDAS sports shop and asked the sales person, "Do you have the Liverpool tickets?". He replied, "Only the RM388's are left".

I pondered hard. To Buy or Not To Buy. Then I decided it was a little too pricey and told the guy, "I'll be back". I hurried off to Artist Gallery on the 2nd floor, saw the guy at the counter and went, "Eh!! YOU!! You use to work in Prangin Mall right? Beside England Optical?" He smiled at me saying "Yea, I remember you too". "Awesome", I said, "Now, I want Liverpool tickets" and now, I am the happiest person alive XD

Four tickets. I got FOUR tickets to watch Liverpool play Live in Malaysia FOR the very 1st time. See YOU in Bukit Jalil, 16 July 2011... booyah XD

Thursday, June 16, 2011


About a month ago, I was rushing to pick my sis from work and right after I made right turn coming out from a traffic light junction, the car in front of me hit the brakes. Naturally, that's what I did too. Unfortunately for me, my car didn't stop immediately. It kinda 'slowed' down then BANG!!! I kissed the viva in front of me =.=||

My car's damage.

Pretty bad huh..
My damage was worst than the viva's. I told her I'll compensate her so no need for a police report. Initially she said OK. Then later on she called me saying her friend asked her to make a police report. Really WTF!! I found out later on that her friend has some connections with the traffic police. My bro-in-law and I kept staring at the guy and I guess he felt it, he immediately disappeared into the office. Real jack ass. Even the police that took picture of our damage asked. "viva tak de pa pon". I just smiled at him because I knew everyone knows =|

Anyways, with just a little dent at the back, and a police report... hmmm... which reminds me; I still haven't paid my summons =.=

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Liverpool.. I want YOU!!!

Liverpool is coming to town next month (16 July) and the tickets are already almost sold out =C

What's left is just the cheap RM58 tickets which has seating's that are not very attractive. Bukit Jalil Stadium is a multipurpose stadium and with the running track around the field, with the RM58 ticket, your view wouldn't be nice. So.. not nice =C 

What's left of course is the RM388 tickets which are kinda pricey AND, they are behind the bench so you cant really see Kenny screaming at the Reds 'move up' or a 'piss off' to our national couch. LOL!!!

I'm guessing that tickets for online buying is full due to allocations around the country so hopefully tomorrow when I go to Qbay, they have those RM108 tickets for me.

URGH!!! I really wana go watch Liverpool play so badly. It would be a dream come true if I get to have drinks with them too.. *imagining*

My First Design

I have been super busy with work; leaving me with very little time for myself let alone blog. But I got some free time now, so... here I am =)

My very first work project was to come up with a circuit to delay the ON time of a solenoid that drives a motor.

The main Circuit

The Relay that will drive the Solenoid

The relay to capture the IN signal

This circuit will basically receive some signal, turn a solenoid on for a couple of seconds then turn it off. Solenoids are just coils. Cool huh =) 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Contemporary Terracotta Warriors No.9

I saw this in the newspaper...
...and decided to google "contemporary terracotta warriors no.9" and got this...
...and decided doing this would be fun XD

Friday, April 1, 2011


I love coffee and I believe I found my new BOSS; for my early morning "grab n go's" =)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Taiwan 1

I was on a business trip to Taiwan (Kaoh Siung) 2 weeks ago since it was my first time to Taiwan, I was really excited. Upon arrival, we were greeted by 2 awesome guys from the host company. They took us to check-in into our hotel and immediately after that, we went sight-seeing.

The first thing that hit me was, they drive on the left side =)

Did you know they celebrated 'chap goh meh' for like a week? I didn't know that. They even closed the roads on certain locations just for this 'chap go meh' celebration; and every night during my stay there, at 9pm, they would have fireworks colouring the sky for about 10-15 minutes. I got some pics but I'm just too lazy to do any editing (not like I actually do any =P)

This old lady turn up to look at me after i snap this pic as though I invaded her private space. Ops!!

See those HUGE paper craft looking? LOL They even have Jesus at the far left.

Mr. Puppeteer
This is where we ate seafood on my first night in KS

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Paper-Crafting 4

I've been trying more paper-crafting using different quality papers. I originally started with the ordinary 80mgs double A paper but eventually switched to the 135mgs drawing blocks. It is kind of too thick but it really builds solid models. 

So far I've been building characters cartoon characters and you can say Sponge Bob and Patrick Star is one of the easiest to do.

So I decided to do something more sophisticated and of course something bigger =) I came up with this

It took me about a week to complete the whole thing. Partly because I busy with other stuff but look at it now makes me feel awesome XD

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Did you know that there is now a new constellation known as 'Ophiuchus'? Neither did I until yesterday when I was out with a friend and he told me about it. So with the new star being introduced, suddenly I've become a Libra instead of a Scorpio. With the addition of the new star, you are no longer what you think you are.

This new star isn't really something new as in it wasn't born yesterday or something like that. It actually has been around since ancient times and according to some sites, It is listed in Ptolemy's 48 constellations.

I liked the idea that I'm a Scorpio and suddenly I'm told I'm a Libra.. it feels weird. So from the poisonous Scorpio I'm now the Golden scales of Libra.

I'm not a hard-core horoscope believer and while it does feel kinda weird that I'm a Libra. I hardly ever remember my daily horoscope the minute I close the papers but somehow, I think it's kinda fun. I'm thinking, if someone were to ask me what's my sign, I'd probable say 'I'm Scorpion on a Golden scale' =)

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I have always found driving in Penang and KL somewhat frustrating. Though I try to control, it's not always easy. I was out with a close friend and we talked about the irritatingly annoying drivers we meet.

First up we have is those who like to drive slowly on the freaking fast lane. And I mean REALLY REALLY SLOOOW...  and they couldn't even bother to budge to the left lane. Staying on the fast lane doesn't make you travel faster. It simply means you accelerate and go faster than other slow pokes on the left lane. So PLEASE, stick to the left lane if you ain't going fast you bloody retards =)

Then we have those who for some reason accelerate IMMEDIATELY after they see you putting on your indicators. WTF!!! and they just end up in front from of you in a jam. It simple shows me how immature you are as a driver and an adult. Come on, you're not going to earn more money by doing that. I mean I'm not saying you should always give way. I'm saying you don't go out of the way to not give way because then, you're just being an ass-hole. Really.

We also find people who just 'eat' into your lane just because they drive a bigger car. YES, it happens. They try to squeeze from no where without their indicators and when you don't give way, They highlight you or stare at you as though you owe them money. One particular incident that happened to me recently was, I was at a round about and this Mercs from the inner lane realizing he was going to miss his exit tried to squeeze to the left. But the thing was I was ahead of him by half a car and he kept coming at me hoping I'd jam my breaks and let him pass through the front; and when I didn't, he honk at me. What a bastard. I mean you are in the wrong lane in the first place and seeing that I'm already ahead of you, why is he attempting to do something stupid like this? And you honk me. If only I had a gun... hmmm... Sometimes I feel people who drive big cars just wana show off. I hope those idiotic ones crash and burn. haha Ok I'm getting carried away.

One other thing that annoys me is those who can't seem to stick to their lane. They are either moving between the 2 lanes, or moving from left to right and back to the left. Not cool. Not cool at all.  They don't just paint the lines on the road for fun you know =..=

Looking back, I know I haven't always been following road rules but when I'm in the wrong, I raise my hand to apologize and not honk people. NO, I DO NOT hog the fast lane, NO, I DO NOT accelerate and go out of the way to not give people way and  NO, I DO NOT drive between lanes =)