Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Paper-Crafting 4

I've been trying more paper-crafting using different quality papers. I originally started with the ordinary 80mgs double A paper but eventually switched to the 135mgs drawing blocks. It is kind of too thick but it really builds solid models. 

So far I've been building characters cartoon characters and you can say Sponge Bob and Patrick Star is one of the easiest to do.

So I decided to do something more sophisticated and of course something bigger =) I came up with this

It took me about a week to complete the whole thing. Partly because I busy with other stuff but look at it now makes me feel awesome XD

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Did you know that there is now a new constellation known as 'Ophiuchus'? Neither did I until yesterday when I was out with a friend and he told me about it. So with the new star being introduced, suddenly I've become a Libra instead of a Scorpio. With the addition of the new star, you are no longer what you think you are.

This new star isn't really something new as in it wasn't born yesterday or something like that. It actually has been around since ancient times and according to some sites, It is listed in Ptolemy's 48 constellations.

I liked the idea that I'm a Scorpio and suddenly I'm told I'm a Libra.. it feels weird. So from the poisonous Scorpio I'm now the Golden scales of Libra.

I'm not a hard-core horoscope believer and while it does feel kinda weird that I'm a Libra. I hardly ever remember my daily horoscope the minute I close the papers but somehow, I think it's kinda fun. I'm thinking, if someone were to ask me what's my sign, I'd probable say 'I'm Scorpion on a Golden scale' =)

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I have always found driving in Penang and KL somewhat frustrating. Though I try to control, it's not always easy. I was out with a close friend and we talked about the irritatingly annoying drivers we meet.

First up we have is those who like to drive slowly on the freaking fast lane. And I mean REALLY REALLY SLOOOW...  and they couldn't even bother to budge to the left lane. Staying on the fast lane doesn't make you travel faster. It simply means you accelerate and go faster than other slow pokes on the left lane. So PLEASE, stick to the left lane if you ain't going fast you bloody retards =)

Then we have those who for some reason accelerate IMMEDIATELY after they see you putting on your indicators. WTF!!! and they just end up in front from of you in a jam. It simple shows me how immature you are as a driver and an adult. Come on, you're not going to earn more money by doing that. I mean I'm not saying you should always give way. I'm saying you don't go out of the way to not give way because then, you're just being an ass-hole. Really.

We also find people who just 'eat' into your lane just because they drive a bigger car. YES, it happens. They try to squeeze from no where without their indicators and when you don't give way, They highlight you or stare at you as though you owe them money. One particular incident that happened to me recently was, I was at a round about and this Mercs from the inner lane realizing he was going to miss his exit tried to squeeze to the left. But the thing was I was ahead of him by half a car and he kept coming at me hoping I'd jam my breaks and let him pass through the front; and when I didn't, he honk at me. What a bastard. I mean you are in the wrong lane in the first place and seeing that I'm already ahead of you, why is he attempting to do something stupid like this? And you honk me. If only I had a gun... hmmm... Sometimes I feel people who drive big cars just wana show off. I hope those idiotic ones crash and burn. haha Ok I'm getting carried away.

One other thing that annoys me is those who can't seem to stick to their lane. They are either moving between the 2 lanes, or moving from left to right and back to the left. Not cool. Not cool at all.  They don't just paint the lines on the road for fun you know =..=

Looking back, I know I haven't always been following road rules but when I'm in the wrong, I raise my hand to apologize and not honk people. NO, I DO NOT hog the fast lane, NO, I DO NOT accelerate and go out of the way to not give people way and  NO, I DO NOT drive between lanes =)