Wednesday, November 21, 2012


It's not easy to get off work at 6pm, come home, change and then go of to a 3-4km jog. I got lazy and I guess that held me back for awhile.

Previously, when I was back in Penang, I would faithfully do a 5-6km jog with my colleague about 3-4 times a week. What I slowly begin to realise is that, without my jogging partner, I have no one to, indirectly, push me. My steroid was missing. My motivation... ZERO!!!

I thought by buying a sports shoe would help. It didn't. So I ended up spending $90++ for a really cool ADIDAS training shoes.

About 4weeks back, I met with my jogging partner. He slimmed down soo~ much... He went from zero to hero. I was amaze. At the same time, I guess that acted as a wake up call. I told myself I would need to start my exercise again. I needed to put those $90++ shoes to good use. He became my motivation.

I am faithfully jogging about 2-3 times a week now. Faithfully doing my push ups as well as sit ups. Yes.. it is not easy, but I found my motivation to use those hot ADIDAS =)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Sinful Treat

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The forgetten 'US'

I couldn't help but notice how lonely my friend was while talking to her about her relationship. What I realised was that she seem to be the one who is putting effort into the relationship.. and it's not easy. I try to console her but that is only as much as I can do. Many times I asked 'why do continue?' Her reply.. 'I like him'

'Like' is not strong enough and while in many cases the girl will jus leave the guy, She is one hell of a girl to be strong enough to do this.

Weather it is jus a 'like' or 'love', a relationship is about two people sharing a special part of their life with each other. So often we fail to see that it is not about you or me but rather about the US.. This is the forgotten part of what a loving relationship is all about. So often we forget that and say 'I have done so much for you', 'I have done this n that', etc. Where is the 'US' in that relationship? ...and because of this, we give up at the first sight of trouble.

Giving up would always be the easier way out because after that, everything else goes out of sight. It always takes two hands to clap. Never one.

While I felt helpless listening to my friend, her strength reminded me again about the 'US' in a relationship.Being in a loving relationship is suppose to be a beautiful thing.. so always remember the 'US'... because it's all about US!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Universal Studio Singapore 1

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Balance

A year is just around the bend since I last posted something on my long lost forsaken blog =C
Well, playing the blame game, I blame my 'no time' on work. Work work and more work. I moved to Singapore and with that, even more work, even more work and even more work T.T

This pass one year has been a roller coaster ride for me, I had my fair share depressing moments to joyful moments. Yes.. I'm still a Student in the 'Heart' area; but already a Master at work =/ 

Today, I could not sleep. Something was bothering me and as much as I try to sleep, my body just would not go to sleep. So I sat on my bed. Thinking... thinking... and thinking... I realized something.. that I don't have a life. My daily routine is just eat, sleep, work. I was bored to shit. Even on a holidays, I never seize to stop thinking about work; and that is the problem. I'm always minding other people's business.

I do not have a balance in my current state, and that really is not a good thing. It's not fun either being like this. In the midst of reminding myself that I need to balance work and play, comes an email chasing me for documentation or requesting support for a new problem etc.. the problem never ends.. Then I'm back to square one; even more work, even more work and even more work T.T

But in the midst of my realization, I remembered a teaching from this humble Buddhist monk, Ajahn Brahm, where in his book 'Opening the Door of Your Heart' he tells of a story of 3 types of gardener. The first would work in the garden non-stop, with the hope to later enjoy the beauty of nature. The problem is he never stopped. He continued working on the garden as the garden continues to need sweeping, watering, pruning, etc.

The second gardener sat in the garden to admire the beauty of the garden. His mind wandered into what needs to be done but he never really picked up the rack to sweep the leaves etc. It was only thinking of needing to do work but no actual work done. The grass grew, vines grew and choke the flowers and it soon it was not a beautiful garden.

I don't remember the third gardener.. but it hit me that I am like the first gardener. I keep telling myself I will earn to be able to enjoy my life luxuriously. I will this and that after I have completed my work. The problem is.. work is never done. I never have time for myself. Never have time to relax. It's always about even more work, even more work and even more work T.T

It's not easy trying to break away from this cycle.. but, I am trying. little by little, with a little motivation from here and there, I believe I will soon get back the balance I once had.