Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson - A legend to remember

Michael Jackson will be remembered for A LOT of things and among them, the "Moon Walk"

Jackson owned the charts in the 1980s and is considered one of the most successful entertainers, with a lifetime sales tally estimated at about 750 million records and 13 Grammy Awards to his name.

Well, I guess his time came to an end. Farewell and Rest In Peace Michael Jackson, THE KING OF POP!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Some Fun

Few weeks back I was in "Yaki-Yaki Japanese barbeque buffet Restaurant" with some friends from my campus. We had a great time eating and playing. Esspecially the playing :)

I feel the food could have been better. It was ok just that I feel there isn't much choice compared to places like "Jogoya" or "Shogun".

This looked good, but I prefer it raw :) I ate mostly fish. Why? Because fish is expensive and I just didn't want to fill my tummy with common stuff like sushi. So fish it was. In "Yaki-Yaki", they give you a tab perperson where you exchange it for an alcohol of your choice. Since there where about 15 of us, we had 15 tabs which we shared. Sake was at the top of the list. Well at least my list :D It was warm and nice.

After awhile, I decide that the cup was too small and some guys helped me drink it off the bottle.

We had more than just sake. Carlsberg made its way in and soon, we we drinking as much as 15 tabs would allow us.We even ushered the new semester with a few cheers

And after that, someone wanted to check if I was really a boy. ISH -_-'''

I guess it's just important to have some fun :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Busy (Assignments and Internship)

I have been occupied for the last few days. First there was the issue on how the university I'm in screwed up my student account. Now that it has been settled, Thank You Michelle :) , I have to think on how am I going to start my 3 assignments which requires me to build some hardware.

The first assignment is very general. We are ask to build an Analogue system that is usefull and interesting. Now what is that suppose to mean? I am still wondering. My lecturer gave us an example of a car alarm system and says we building an FM transmitter won't count since some of the groups in my lectures have done that in their previous semesters. So what am I to build? Any suggestions?

The second assignment is to build a remote control race car with an adjustable "spoiler". Now I know this assignment sounds cool but if you're in my shoes, it ain't that cool. First, I have to do LOTS of research. and then buy hardware using my own pocket money and 3rd, I have no clue yet as to how we're going to build this remote control race car. I did suggest to my group mambers to buy a cheap remote control car and tear is apart to see what's inside. Then hopefully, we can get an idea and start from there.

The 3rd assignment is to go buy any kind of antenna and do a case study on it. It just means that we have to see study how it works. Notice that in all these 3 assignment we have to use our own cash? Sighs.. All in 1 go.

There is one more thing I have to think about and it is the most important thing right now. It is regarding my Industrial training that will commence on 1st October for 3 months. I have already completed my resume and cover letter and made 2 applications in Jobstreet today. Hopefully I get a good company.
(Random blabbering: 1 company in Kedah offering RM1200 per month for internship, but need to work for 12 months)
Also, if any of you know of any company that offers internship for an electronic student in KL or Penang, Please let me know. I am interested. Thank you in advance. :)

Geez.. It's getting late already. I better go get some rest.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

For Those Who Love To Save

DiGi has a new project; "For Those Who Love To Save". It's a charity thing where we click (vote) and DiGi will give a small amount to the charity organization of our choice. There are 3 main categories; Nature, Health and Social, and in these 3 main categories, there are a few organization we can choose to support. I chose SPCA Selangor.

I visited SPCA Selangor once and it really saddens me to see most of these dogs abandoned by their previous owners. It's like an orphanage for cats and dogs. What these people do in SPCA is give these animals LOVE and CARE. Right now, I'm not capable of adopting a dog or a cat, so the least I can do, is vote. It just takes 3 simple steps. Just click and in a matter of minutes, you're done. So why not shelf our selfishness and click here or the banner below to do your part and SAVE..