Sunday, June 19, 2011

Liverpool Tickets

I rushed to Qbay Immediately after work. Scurried to the lower ground and into ADIDAS sports shop and asked the sales person, "Do you have the Liverpool tickets?". He replied, "Only the RM388's are left".

I pondered hard. To Buy or Not To Buy. Then I decided it was a little too pricey and told the guy, "I'll be back". I hurried off to Artist Gallery on the 2nd floor, saw the guy at the counter and went, "Eh!! YOU!! You use to work in Prangin Mall right? Beside England Optical?" He smiled at me saying "Yea, I remember you too". "Awesome", I said, "Now, I want Liverpool tickets" and now, I am the happiest person alive XD

Four tickets. I got FOUR tickets to watch Liverpool play Live in Malaysia FOR the very 1st time. See YOU in Bukit Jalil, 16 July 2011... booyah XD

Thursday, June 16, 2011


About a month ago, I was rushing to pick my sis from work and right after I made right turn coming out from a traffic light junction, the car in front of me hit the brakes. Naturally, that's what I did too. Unfortunately for me, my car didn't stop immediately. It kinda 'slowed' down then BANG!!! I kissed the viva in front of me =.=||

My car's damage.

Pretty bad huh..
My damage was worst than the viva's. I told her I'll compensate her so no need for a police report. Initially she said OK. Then later on she called me saying her friend asked her to make a police report. Really WTF!! I found out later on that her friend has some connections with the traffic police. My bro-in-law and I kept staring at the guy and I guess he felt it, he immediately disappeared into the office. Real jack ass. Even the police that took picture of our damage asked. "viva tak de pa pon". I just smiled at him because I knew everyone knows =|

Anyways, with just a little dent at the back, and a police report... hmmm... which reminds me; I still haven't paid my summons =.=

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Liverpool.. I want YOU!!!

Liverpool is coming to town next month (16 July) and the tickets are already almost sold out =C

What's left is just the cheap RM58 tickets which has seating's that are not very attractive. Bukit Jalil Stadium is a multipurpose stadium and with the running track around the field, with the RM58 ticket, your view wouldn't be nice. So.. not nice =C 

What's left of course is the RM388 tickets which are kinda pricey AND, they are behind the bench so you cant really see Kenny screaming at the Reds 'move up' or a 'piss off' to our national couch. LOL!!!

I'm guessing that tickets for online buying is full due to allocations around the country so hopefully tomorrow when I go to Qbay, they have those RM108 tickets for me.

URGH!!! I really wana go watch Liverpool play so badly. It would be a dream come true if I get to have drinks with them too.. *imagining*

My First Design

I have been super busy with work; leaving me with very little time for myself let alone blog. But I got some free time now, so... here I am =)

My very first work project was to come up with a circuit to delay the ON time of a solenoid that drives a motor.

The main Circuit

The Relay that will drive the Solenoid

The relay to capture the IN signal

This circuit will basically receive some signal, turn a solenoid on for a couple of seconds then turn it off. Solenoids are just coils. Cool huh =)