Saturday, April 25, 2009

1 Down 5 More To Go

Just finished my first paper today. Moral. YAY!!! It was fine. I did not find any problem with the paper. Now I have 5 more to go. Hopefully all will be fine like today's paper. :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

More trouble

This entire week wasn't a good one for me. First there was an issue with my course mates, then, with my UNI administrators. I am actually not a happy man.

First, they changed the entire system and then, the course structure. Initially, the subjects we are to take are all preset for us. Now in the new system, we have to register our units online. Well that should not be a problem right? WRONG!!! They changed the course structure so much so that subjects that we initially are suppose to take in year 4 has been shifted to an earlier year and semester.

Then, units that I'm suppose to take next semester are not even available for me to register. Why? because it is not in my "new" course structure. So I end up wondering what subject I'm suppose to take. There is even a case where I wanted to register, though there were 20 places available for the lecture, there wasn't any tutorial spaces left. So ended up I can't register. WTF!!!

The subjects I'm registering are all lectures and tutorials. What about labs? I did not see anything about lab time. So what if the lab time clash with a lecture we selected? or a tutorial? And it's impossible we don't have labs. It's an engineering course. There has to be practicals. Well nothing mention about it.

I went to inquire about this registering of subjects before even registering my subjects. I was told. Please read your email and login to the website. It's already Friday. Tomorrow they won't be anyone there to settle this shit, so on Monday, I'd have to go back to UNI to go inquire about the mess.

If the admin wants to change everything to make like what is done in the public UNI, at least don't screw up. PLAN!!! PLAN!!! PLAN!!! Somehow with all this mess going on, I feel I'm going to loss track on which subject I've already taken. GEE... Near exam oso got all these nonsense happening.

This entire system is RUBBISH.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fakers With No Guts I sometimes Meet

I was back in my hometown over the weekend and boy when I returned, a lot happened.

What I found out was that a few course mates where pissed at me because I handed up the tutorials I collected a day before the dateline, and that they didn't know about it. It seems they didn't even know about the tutorial dateline. So blame me. Why? because I'm the class rep. It didn't just stop there. I was further accused of not informing these group of course mates regarding the latest news. Like lab venues or changes.

But here's the funny thing. They didn't tell it to my face. Instead, they caught 2 guys whom I now mingle with to be their scapegoat. They even send nasty msgs to them bad-mouthing me. I receive none of those msgs. Simply No Guts(SNG).

For the record, I photocopied a set of timetable for everyone in my course in JANUARY. In that timetable, you will find the lab time and VENUE. So do I still need to inform anyone ? Second, there was only ONE lab change and I did inform everyone. I even had to call this group because they were late and the lecturer was waiting for them to arrive. So why was I accuse of not giving up-to-date information?

Ooo Ooo... they even said as course rep, I hand up everything for the group I mingled with only. F.Y.I, this was the FIRST time I handed up separately. Throughout the entire semester, I always pack the assignmenst together, clip it and hand up IN A GROUP. It was only this time that I was going back to my hometown so I just handed up early. But that's not an issue. There were some other course mates who handed up the tutorial themselves. It all goes to the same lecturer. So why get pissed of at me?

Most datelines were announced during lecture. So if you're absent, whose responsibility is it to find out about datelines? The course rep? I was taught when I was younger by my dad. If you didn't go to school, you call your friends to ASK if there is any homework or important stuff. I have no responsibility to look after other people's backside.

Behind my back they talk and bitch about me but when I confront them, all chicken out. Keep quiet and say not angry at you. Bloody fakers. I heard everything you said S.O.B!!! You accuse me of being incompetent but you couldn't cough out a reason.

Ya there were some complications regarding the notes for one of them WAY back but I apologized and settled everything for her and she even told me "ok never mind. settle d" But this problem was brought up again. So it wasn't really settled huh?

I have a theory as to why this all started. But I'll leave that for another episode. Such annoying pest I sometimes meet.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just another day

Today I officially completed all assignments, all projects, and from here on, starts a new headache. Finals. Thanks to KitKit, no more headache for the multimedia assignment :) KitKit THANKS!!!

Just to chill a little bit, I came home to find my internet line in a stable condition. A little update on my internet line; A TM officer, LV, called me today to inquire about the condition of the line. I said so far, things are stable. She then told me she'll do the billing rebate for me. Meaning I'll get refunded for all those weeks of no internet line. THANK YOU!!! So hopefully, things are settled.

Coming back to what I was saying ealier. I came home, watched some new anime (Full Metal Alchemist season 2 out liao) surf the net, and tried out some flash stuff. Basically just chilling.

Later, Liverpool will host Chelsea for Champions League. I should be watching that. Another news that made my day was MAN UTD was held by PORTO FC... Muahahahahaha!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

TM screwing up again!!!

I have been having problems with my internet line yet again. TM seem to enjoy giving bad service. It keeps disconnecting and I can't even browse the internet.

I made a complain by calling the hot line. They opened a report for me and all I had to do then was to just wait. I called Back after 3 days later just to be told by the officer that my report has passed its dateline. I thought, 'Ok, never mind. Maybe got some serious problem.' But when asked further on what was the technician's comment on the problem, the officer replied, "No technician has attended to your problem yet, sir." WHAT??? NO ONE HAS TRIED TO SOLVE MY PROBLEM EVEN WHEN THE REPORT HAS PASSED ITS DATELINE??? Keep cool... Keep cool... I just shut the phone.

And for the second time, I send an email to the Federation Of Malaysian Consumers Association(FOMCA) to complain about the bad service.
I informed them that this is my second time writing to them and that TM is not giving me the bandwidth I'm paying for.

Results were immediate. The following day, an officer from the TM headquarters called to inquire about my situation and to check if any technician had visited me. I gave them my feedback and they said they'll call me back in 3days time to check with me again. She even told me to call her directly if I have any problems.

Suddenly, TM became so (SOOOOO) damn efficient. Why can't they give this kind of service everytime? Why do people need to go to FOMCA to get things done? Today I got a call from a technician saying he has replaced the wiring at my place and asked me to test the line. They line is good now. Why can't they be this effective all the time?

I know most people will say "Aiya don use TM la. Just change then kau tim lo" but the point here is YOU are paying for it. Why then should you be cheated or short-changed? Why should you get your name 'black listed' and break the TM contract when it isn't your fault? It's not like I didn't go to TM to complain about the problem. I did. It's just they force me to complain to FOMCA.


How long will the line be stable? I'll just have to wait and see.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Fulham 0-1 Liverpool

I missed the Liverpool game because I was just too tired. Blame it on my assignments. But no matter :) I woke up and saw the news that Liverpool won with a goal on extra time. YAY!!! Benayoun the hero...

Fulham v Liverpool

After watching this video, I must say Liverpool got lucky. REAL LUCKY. It seems the players were only aiming for the goal frame. Well they did a 'Good' job shooting at the frame. It was risky, but they manage to pull it off. So thumbs ups for the entire team :) YAY!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Verilog: Source of brain clog

Earth hour has come and gone. I did my part by switching off my entire house lights. I went out to watch them switch kl and twin tower lights off. Then watched them switch it back on at 9.30pm(took a video of it too).

I don't have time to really blog about it now (but I will soon) as I have other obligations like ASSIGNMENTS. I have to write a verilog program and right now I'm stuck at how to write the output (I don't even know if my input's are written correctly). Furthermore, the verilog software I have just won't compile my source codes.

You see; I haven't done my 2nd lab for this subject which is about verilogs. So whatever I'm doing right now, is trial-and-error and referring to my lecture notes. I guess it's going to be another sleepless night for me. I'm TOTALED!!!