Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The forgetten 'US'

I couldn't help but notice how lonely my friend was while talking to her about her relationship. What I realised was that she seem to be the one who is putting effort into the relationship.. and it's not easy. I try to console her but that is only as much as I can do. Many times I asked 'why do continue?' Her reply.. 'I like him'

'Like' is not strong enough and while in many cases the girl will jus leave the guy, She is one hell of a girl to be strong enough to do this.

Weather it is jus a 'like' or 'love', a relationship is about two people sharing a special part of their life with each other. So often we fail to see that it is not about you or me but rather about the US.. This is the forgotten part of what a loving relationship is all about. So often we forget that and say 'I have done so much for you', 'I have done this n that', etc. Where is the 'US' in that relationship? ...and because of this, we give up at the first sight of trouble.

Giving up would always be the easier way out because after that, everything else goes out of sight. It always takes two hands to clap. Never one.

While I felt helpless listening to my friend, her strength reminded me again about the 'US' in a relationship.Being in a loving relationship is suppose to be a beautiful thing.. so always remember the 'US'... because it's all about US!!

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Anonymous said...

She realised there is no US anymore...thats y she left.

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