Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Early Mornings

I'm up early; first time in a very long time. Normally it would be around this time that I go to bed and will sleep through to mid-day.

It really feels good. The peaceful and cool surroundings lightens up the heart. When I look outside with a cup of coffee in my hands, I see nothing but darkness; and in the distance, the street lamps colours the streets in low-pressured sodium vapors. I have almost forgotten this feeling since I left high school. It soothes the heart; removing all worries. A moment to savor.

This somewhat reminds me of back when I was is high school. My dad would wake us up and we'd take turns to shower. Then we'll eat our breakfast quietly like little angels and prepare. He'd send us to school and that's where I become the devil :)


flo.rence. said...

angel and demon

berries said...

why the englih so chim one ar???beh tah han...

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