Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I'm sitting in front of my computer eating a plum and enjoying this few hours of peaceful time before starting a very tight schedule of intense preparation for the final exam. YUP!!! Finals is around the corner.

Many things have happened while I was away from blogging. One of which will bring us to the myth of the broken mirror. It is believed that whosoever breaks a mirror will suffer 7 years of bad luck. Is this just a myth of is it for real? I am clueless.

Well you see, recently, I wanted to shave, so I placed the mirror on top of the water tape filter. But when I went to get my shaver, a strong wind came and blew the mirror off the water tape filter. Will I have to suffer 7 years of bad luck? Maybe..

Recently, I seem to be plagued with a series of unfortunate event. The first was me knocking my head on the upper deck of my double-deck bed. Then, continuously, I tripped over the telephone cable (which never happened before). Then there was this me dropping an iphone, and reversing the car right into a pillar =.=''' I feel jinxed.

So, is the myth still just a myth or is it for real? I'd like to think of it as a myth and hope this series of unfortunate events come to pass.

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