Sunday, October 18, 2009

Annoying Housemate

One of my house mate has already gone over board. He never cleans the house; instead, he messes it up. I was back in KL for a day last week to attend to some personal matters. When I got back to my rented house, it was a mess.

I walked in to be invited by a stinky smell. The smell of rubbish. Instead of throwing the garbage at the dumping area downstairs, he decided to just leave it behind the main door near my room door. Not only was it stink,garbage water was seeping out of the bag and there were maggots around the hall area. My guess is that it was there for almost a week, if not more. I had to clean it up yet again.

Second thing that pissed me of was the fact that he left his 'fat-ass' underwear on the dining chair. WTF!!! It's where people sit to have meals or chit chat. He is suppose to be a graduate but he act like a piece of uneducated trash. The hall is a common place you don't put stuff like that all over the place.

The other thing that got on my nerve is after sweeping the floor, he'd just throw the broom aside instead of hanging it up in the proper place. Even after using the dust-pan, he doesn't empty it. he just leaves the rubbish there. I wonder if he thinks the rubbish will disappear on its own.

I got so pissed I wrote a 3 page long note to him with a marker pen and stuck it on his room door with a double sided tape. I should have glued the notes so it won't come off.

I just wonder what his parents taught him at home. Mess the house?

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Anonymous said...

what a stupid guy.....i hape he kena some skin disease or smtg...educated but dont act like one...really memalukan did the right thing to voice out!!

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