Saturday, October 3, 2009


I've heard stories about how interns have nothing to do during their internship but that is not necessarily the case. I started my internship in AMD on Thursday.

On my first day, I had to attend some introductory talk where they briefed us on their culture and what is expected of us trainees. We are expected to 'work' and if our job is not finished, we can't go home (that is how they function). Also, at the end of our training, we have to do a presentation to the manager on what we have done for the past 3 months. They call it "Project".

I was introduced to my supervisor and was taken for a tour in the production line. (I know how they manufacture computer processors already :D)

The second part of the day got a little busy. I went to help my supervisor collect some data for her project. Half-way through, the machine started to act-up; forcing us to stop work. :( By the time we finished, it was already 6pm. It was a tiring day, but it was fine. That, was 1st day of work.


Anonymous said...

glad to hear you are having a great time doing your intern...its better to have things to do and to learn more when you have the opportunity...keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

kepp up the good'll have to get use of the working life now to prepare you for the future..good luck!

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