Saturday, November 28, 2009


It's a Saturday morning and while some people have to go to work, I don't. I decided to just sit in front of the computer with a cup a coffee, contemplating on the things going on around me.

Speaking of work, I have a tad too many things to do. My data collection isn't done yet since I'm suppose to collect for 25 days for different shifts. Which is kind of worrying for me because I have a presentation to do on the 16th of December. Data collected needs to be processed and I'm not even there yet. I do not know what to expect and I'm wondering if I'm ever going to pull it off right. There is a war going on inside my head.Going to war, MCA seem to be having one among themselves and though they say they are trying to make peace, I feel this whole issue is a joke. I'm no politician but reading it off the papers, I got to ask 'Why is it that MCA is always fighting among themselves on who should be the president?'. It makes it look like they joined MCA to just fight for seats and not to serve the people. Even the Prime Minister had to intervene. It really looks silly.

Well at least MCA isn't the only that seem to be in a crisis. Liverpool FC are in one too. A different type of crisis though. They just got knocked out of the Champion's league and they are performing like shit in the Premiership. It's not only annoying for a fan like me it is also very frustrating. They only depend on players like Gerard and Torres to bring home the goals. So what happens when these players get injured? Screw up? The gods seem to have left Anfield. Maybe Rafa needs to start spending. But the KOP is already in debt. Which means more crisis.

Money always talks the loudest. Girls like men with lots of $$$, and DiGi loves me because I always over spend my phone bill >.<

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