Sunday, February 7, 2010

God Explained In A Taxi Ride

I was in Borders yesterday and found this book "God explained in a taxi ride" by Paul Arden. Just by looking at the title of the book, I sometimes wished the bible could do that. This book tries to explain the existence of God through pictures and a few wittily formed sentences (at times, paragraphs).

It starts off by giving an overview of the different religions and their beliefs; of course, putted in a very comical way. On of my favorites is the authors view on 'Reincarnation' in which he wrote:

You die.
You're buried and fertilize the plants.
The plants are eaten by snails.
Man eat snails.
Now you are a Frenchman

What follows after that is simple an effort to explain the question "Is there God?". Overall, it's a book worth reading :)

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Anonymous said...

wow...what a nice book..i am thinking of getting it..:)

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