Friday, February 5, 2010


It's not a very new video but I love it =D

Well I been meaning to control my caloric intake
so I'm startin off with a fruit and yogurt parfait.
I got my friend here in the the passenger seat--
I wanna lettuce sandwich and make my bun wheat.
Is that all you want? Nah, I'll take a snack wrap.
But fill it with tofu. Do ya'll have that?

Gimme a grilled chicken sandwich; I been meaning to try it.
And Biggie size my soda but you better make it diet.

And hold up 'cause this rhyme and through yet.
Give us some balsamic vin-egret.
I got cash--I got debit.
Can we do these orders separate?
You still owe me five bucks.
You're never gonna get it.

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Anonymous said...

haha..its good that you are so health concious..keep it up!

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