Thursday, April 29, 2010

Saving Earth?

I saw this, and suddenly it reminded me of something.

On the 27th March 2010, many of us switched off our lights for an hour in support of Earth Hour (E.H). Few days back, we also had World Earth Day (W.E.D). What really is E.H and W.E.D? It felt just like any other ordinary day for me. Except that on these days, I'm encouraged to think about the earth. On Earth Hour, I switched off my lights.

I feel that E.H and W.E.D should be everyday. We should be always switching off our lights when we're not using them, turn off water taps when we're not using them, recycling newspaper, aluminium cans, plastic bottles and things like that. These habits are what will save earth. I'm not against E.H or W.E.D; it's just I feel we should be doing more. Yea.. these 2 events are great reminders, reminding us we only have ONE home. It should not stop there. I feel if we're serious about saving our home, it should be doing more.

I am doing my part. I sell all my old newspapers for re-cycling. All stacked nicely under the table :) Even clothes that I can't wear goes into the recycling box. My part in saving the earth :) For me, it's more than just saving the environment. It's also about subsidizing my utility bills XD

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miKE~ said...

Its good to know that you are doing something for the Earth..even its little, its something better than nothing...kudos to you:)

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