Saturday, May 29, 2010

Featured in R.AGE

I was featured on this week's (26 May 2010) R.AGE's "featured bloggers" and it felt like TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

I've never been featured anywhere else and this being the first, it felt like receiving an Oscar or a Grammy; only that it's not. An exciting experience =)

I got over excited that I failed to notice that they got my URL wrong until AngelKein dropped by and highlighted it. She's the other blogger who got featured too. Thanks Angel XD

They missed the hyphen (-) between me2baby and justanordinaryboy. Well I'm still excited despite the typo. I want to take this opportunity to thank R.AGE  for the feature, Michelle and all my readers or followers, whichever category you fall into, THANK YOU!!! You made my day =)


Anonymous said...

congrats!!!!!!make this another opportunity for your blog to be known..keep up the good job!!:)

Anonymous said...

yay!!!!!!'re in R.Age!!!:)

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