Monday, May 10, 2010

Random 2

The time is 5.39am on a Monday morning. I should be sleeping but blame the exams, my night has turned into day and day into night.

I've been studying overnight most of the time since the exam started and occasionally, have only 4 hours of sleep. I have one last paper on Wednesday morning and my mind is far from it.

Suddenly I'm thinking about what I want to be doing after the last paper like pool or bowling or club. You know, the fun stuff =)

So Chelsea won the Premier League this time round with a trashing over Wigan. It saw Drogba with a hat-trick. Man Utd won too but were short of points. 1 I think. Better luck next time suckers!!! hahahaha.. I'm just kidding

Premier League results was mostly predictable except for the BURNLEY-TOTTENHAM game. SURPRISINGLY, the visiting team got OWNED 4-2. WTF!!!

They were pretty strong throughout this season beating Liverpool in the opening game but come the closing game, the got their ass wiped. Yea the got the fourth spot. It's embarrassing in my opinion.

Liverpool were OMG so da..DAMN disappointing it's frustrating sometimes. It wasn't a very good season fro them or me for that matter. Lets hope it'll be better next season.

A draw at with Hull means Liverpool finished at 7th in the Premier League table. Babel is crap. He can't finish cleanly and most of his goal are what I'd term as lucky. ppfffffft...

Speaking of crap, Justin Bieber is one. I just hate everything about him. He isn't cool and his songs are Horrible. Horrible Vegetable. I would trade him to get 2pac back.

It's 6.33am already, I better get down studying since I cant sleep @_@

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Anonymous said...

hehe...justin bieber cute mar...looks just like you when you were young!!!..;)

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