Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Everything seem to be moving slowly today. I finished my Final Year Project  (FYP) presentation yesterday, and had a solid 12 hours of sleep. I guess I had to make up for those sleepless nights (literally no sleep) troubleshooting my circuit and program.

Well now that I'm awake, I suddenly feel no pressure at all. Unlike the last couple of days were I was at the verge of giving up. Thank fully, I had Michelle and Vincent whose support and help gave me some strength  to  pull through the stressful period. OPS... and also the Big Guy upstairs =]

For now, The storm has pass and the sea is calm. There will be another storm coming up next week with the arrival of my final of all final exams.

I'm sipping milo in front of the PC right now; spending some time with myself, and reorganizing things. Hopefully I'll be able to cope better with what's coming next week.

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Do your best..you can do it!!kampate!!

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