Sunday, August 8, 2010


I was having problems with my internet connection for the past 3 weeks. I had to go over to my friends place to use the internet and it was quite bothersome in the sense I had to travel there and back which took time and energy. TM has been super slow in trying to repair my line and I gave up waiting. The reason for not having any connection according to TM is that they are doing a migration from the old system to a newer one to make their internet faster. In other words, upgrading. In total, I've spent nearly a day waiting on the line for them to transfer me from one department to another and to top it off, no one knew anything. For me to pay RM110 a month and get this kind of shitty service, it's not worth it.

Having had enough of TM and PC fair being held this week, I thought why not go checkout the broadband deals that are being offered. So right after church yesterday, I dropped by at KLCC and started asking MAXIS. They have a free 7 day trial after which if you're not satisfied, you just return your modem and get back your activation fee of RM100. I mean for me it was 'Why not? Try for 7 days oni ma'. If after the 7 days trail period I decide I want to continue to use their service, then, I am bonded for 6 months. In the event I decide to terminate the service within the 6 months, then I need to buy up the modem of RM100. Else, the modem is mine to keep.

The real deal however was at DIGI. They have this 'DISCOVER PLAN' that offers RM38 for a quota of 3GB. For the same quota, MAXIS is offering for RM 68.If you want a higher package, the DIGI offers RM108 for a 10GB quota. Sign up within these 3 days of PC fair, and you get RM30 rebate for 12 months; so you only pay RM78 for the first year. All you need to do is pay RM50 advance payment plus the buying of the modem of RM80 and you are ready to use. No activation fee, no other commitment. You can terminate the line anytime you want and you don't have to pay anything. On top of that, the modem is yours to keep. I took the 3GB because I only have 1-2 months more before I graduate.

I'm testing the MAXIS broadband and I have already been disconnected twice, but overall, I am pleased with what I am experiencing. Well I have 7days to try it out. DIGI on the other hand while I was using it seem a little more stable. Then again, maybe its too soon to come up with a conclusion.

Having sign up for the broadband, I can now say BYE BYE to TM. Thank you for 2 years of shitty service which occurs every 3-4 months. Thank you for wasting my time.

No more messy LAN wires too =)

I am now the proud owner of 2 DIGI phone lines and 1 DIGI broadband =D

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Jessyca said...

hihi~ Buaya Jess crawls over ur blog ^^

My company switched all our lines to Digi and my bill is much more expensive than maxis ler!! : (

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