Thursday, October 14, 2010

Career Fair

I was at the MCTF career fair last weekend. It was an event organized by and was held for 3 days. in Mid-valley. I was there with a classmate (he drove) and were there the whole day. So.. what's the job prospect for an electronics engineer? Well from the fair, most companies as I see it were looking for electrical or mechanical engineers. Although electronics can still do electrical work. We study almost the same subjects.

There were a lot of companies, more than 100, and I deposited my resume in the booth of the company which I find found attractive. I got to say this thought, some of the HR people over there didn't seem interested at all to what they where doing. I asked a few some questions and they were like, "you can visit our website to get more information"; and all I wanted to know was to get to know their company better like what they do and what are the positions open for hiring. I can't say all HR people where like that cause I did meet a few who where really really nice and even went out of their way to give some useful advice.

I had one on the spot interview and it was awesome. the'll get back to me in about two weeks. That's what all the other companies say when I dropped my resume at their booth. Lots of brochures and goody bags containing pens were given out. I want to work overseas and there's this one company in Singapore that I really want to get into. So hopefully I'll be short-listed. 


bee kean said...

good luck to u my friend!!!

Jessyca said...

Hope you are able to find a good job : )

me2baby said...

Thanks Bee Kean and Jessyca =)

Mei Kwei said...

Good Luck in that interview. Hope you nail it =)

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