Friday, November 5, 2010


Ok... So I went to do my passport the other day and left my car park outside the immigration office for a while and I got booked.. by the police.. =.=|| for the FIRST time in my entire 6 years of driving. Not something I'm particularly proud of but since the ticket has been given, well I'll just take it, and leave it for now.

So how much does it cost? I have absolutely no idea. Anyway I plan to just leave it as it is and let my sister settle it.. or.. like a friend suggested, wait for the discount period then pay. =S

I know.. it sounds very cheap but Hey, I'm sure every's cheap at some point. That's my initial intention but hey, I might pay up before I head down to Singapore to look for a job. On that matter, I applied to more companies in Singapore. I called up a friend and he promised to help by asking around and my getting me the local newspapers over there. I've also had some friends sending me some contacts. I've submitted my resume already so... yea... it's waiting, still waiting period for me.

I've been talking to people and while some supported the idea of me going to Singapore to work, some suggested that I should start locally to gain some experienced. My FYP lecturer did offer to appoint me as his research assistant (RA) which will earn me some cash at the same time get my Masters (fully funded). On top of that, I personally feel I'm just an average student only. So.. Masters!?!? I don't know. With all these going on, I am a bit paralyze. While I'm still sorting out stuff, if you have an opinion, do leave a comment. Thanks!!!


SHeLYN said...

hmm...saman not good...
u noe,my experience,got 2 samans in a day...tats rili a bad day...
btw u'r goin singapore looking 4 job?i plan 2 do so after i graduate too...gudluck bro...(:

me2baby said...

HUHU!!! Thanks.. um.. sis!?!? LOL yea I'm looking for a job there. 2 saman a day? sudah boleh beli nombor.. 4D maybe LOL =P jkjk but yea it does kinda suck.

bee kean said...

just follow your heart.
anyway, i would like to give my opinion for you to refer.
for me, i prefer to work to gain experience and then only think of further study to get master.

as nowadays, people cannot tolerate the orders from the superior so everyone want to get higher post in order to be superior than the others.
of course, being a master can be getting better post, but study just a theoretically but not practically.
imagine if come out with the master title, but don't know how to operate anything. just a shame only.
so why don't go to work first and then continue the master, and end up be a fully equip master.

however, the benefits of continuing the master are:
can be master in young age,
many people are taking master and seem like very common already. so as a only degree holder it may look like nothing, and hard to compete with master holder.

anyway, i just analyze pro & cons to you that thrill through my mind. all the best to you. GOOD LUCK

Anonymous said...

Just follow your heart and do what is right..good luck and work hard!:)

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