Saturday, November 13, 2010


I took a bus down to KL last Tuesday and was sitting on the very same bus (same seat too) back to Penang. The bus number was 9215. What a coincidence hahaha so I decided to go buy numbers. 

I first went to buy 1+3D. Then I thought "what if if comes out in magnum?" So ok, I walked across to Magnum and got the same number. Then, I told myself, "aiya beside is TOTO, just go buy la". I bought alright, hahaha but none strike me gold =(

O well, I was trying my luck and I guess I ain't so lucky eh? hehe Better luck next time I hope =)


Anonymous said...

eee.........waste money nia..:(

SHeLYN said...

hehe...its ok...but tat coincidence cheered ur day...(:

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