Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fakers With No Guts I sometimes Meet

I was back in my hometown over the weekend and boy when I returned, a lot happened.

What I found out was that a few course mates where pissed at me because I handed up the tutorials I collected a day before the dateline, and that they didn't know about it. It seems they didn't even know about the tutorial dateline. So blame me. Why? because I'm the class rep. It didn't just stop there. I was further accused of not informing these group of course mates regarding the latest news. Like lab venues or changes.

But here's the funny thing. They didn't tell it to my face. Instead, they caught 2 guys whom I now mingle with to be their scapegoat. They even send nasty msgs to them bad-mouthing me. I receive none of those msgs. Simply No Guts(SNG).

For the record, I photocopied a set of timetable for everyone in my course in JANUARY. In that timetable, you will find the lab time and VENUE. So do I still need to inform anyone ? Second, there was only ONE lab change and I did inform everyone. I even had to call this group because they were late and the lecturer was waiting for them to arrive. So why was I accuse of not giving up-to-date information?

Ooo Ooo... they even said as course rep, I hand up everything for the group I mingled with only. F.Y.I, this was the FIRST time I handed up separately. Throughout the entire semester, I always pack the assignmenst together, clip it and hand up IN A GROUP. It was only this time that I was going back to my hometown so I just handed up early. But that's not an issue. There were some other course mates who handed up the tutorial themselves. It all goes to the same lecturer. So why get pissed of at me?

Most datelines were announced during lecture. So if you're absent, whose responsibility is it to find out about datelines? The course rep? I was taught when I was younger by my dad. If you didn't go to school, you call your friends to ASK if there is any homework or important stuff. I have no responsibility to look after other people's backside.

Behind my back they talk and bitch about me but when I confront them, all chicken out. Keep quiet and say not angry at you. Bloody fakers. I heard everything you said S.O.B!!! You accuse me of being incompetent but you couldn't cough out a reason.

Ya there were some complications regarding the notes for one of them WAY back but I apologized and settled everything for her and she even told me "ok never mind. settle d" But this problem was brought up again. So it wasn't really settled huh?

I have a theory as to why this all started. But I'll leave that for another episode. Such annoying pest I sometimes meet.

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flo.rence. said...

people like to bring up old stuff when they cant find a better reason to defend themselves the way they are now...

dont worry... im sure i was bad-mouthed for 2 years during DEL. haha!

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