Saturday, April 18, 2009

More trouble

This entire week wasn't a good one for me. First there was an issue with my course mates, then, with my UNI administrators. I am actually not a happy man.

First, they changed the entire system and then, the course structure. Initially, the subjects we are to take are all preset for us. Now in the new system, we have to register our units online. Well that should not be a problem right? WRONG!!! They changed the course structure so much so that subjects that we initially are suppose to take in year 4 has been shifted to an earlier year and semester.

Then, units that I'm suppose to take next semester are not even available for me to register. Why? because it is not in my "new" course structure. So I end up wondering what subject I'm suppose to take. There is even a case where I wanted to register, though there were 20 places available for the lecture, there wasn't any tutorial spaces left. So ended up I can't register. WTF!!!

The subjects I'm registering are all lectures and tutorials. What about labs? I did not see anything about lab time. So what if the lab time clash with a lecture we selected? or a tutorial? And it's impossible we don't have labs. It's an engineering course. There has to be practicals. Well nothing mention about it.

I went to inquire about this registering of subjects before even registering my subjects. I was told. Please read your email and login to the website. It's already Friday. Tomorrow they won't be anyone there to settle this shit, so on Monday, I'd have to go back to UNI to go inquire about the mess.

If the admin wants to change everything to make like what is done in the public UNI, at least don't screw up. PLAN!!! PLAN!!! PLAN!!! Somehow with all this mess going on, I feel I'm going to loss track on which subject I've already taken. GEE... Near exam oso got all these nonsense happening.

This entire system is RUBBISH.

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C-h-R-i-sT-i-N-e said...

Relax....chill ya...everythin will turn out to be ok... =)

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