Tuesday, April 7, 2009

TM screwing up again!!!

I have been having problems with my internet line yet again. TM seem to enjoy giving bad service. It keeps disconnecting and I can't even browse the internet.

I made a complain by calling the hot line. They opened a report for me and all I had to do then was to just wait. I called Back after 3 days later just to be told by the officer that my report has passed its dateline. I thought, 'Ok, never mind. Maybe got some serious problem.' But when asked further on what was the technician's comment on the problem, the officer replied, "No technician has attended to your problem yet, sir." WHAT??? NO ONE HAS TRIED TO SOLVE MY PROBLEM EVEN WHEN THE REPORT HAS PASSED ITS DATELINE??? Keep cool... Keep cool... I just shut the phone.

And for the second time, I send an email to the Federation Of Malaysian Consumers Association(FOMCA) to complain about the bad service.
I informed them that this is my second time writing to them and that TM is not giving me the bandwidth I'm paying for.

Results were immediate. The following day, an officer from the TM headquarters called to inquire about my situation and to check if any technician had visited me. I gave them my feedback and they said they'll call me back in 3days time to check with me again. She even told me to call her directly if I have any problems.

Suddenly, TM became so (SOOOOO) damn efficient. Why can't they give this kind of service everytime? Why do people need to go to FOMCA to get things done? Today I got a call from a technician saying he has replaced the wiring at my place and asked me to test the line. They line is good now. Why can't they be this effective all the time?

I know most people will say "Aiya don use TM la. Just change then kau tim lo" but the point here is YOU are paying for it. Why then should you be cheated or short-changed? Why should you get your name 'black listed' and break the TM contract when it isn't your fault? It's not like I didn't go to TM to complain about the problem. I did. It's just they force me to complain to FOMCA.


How long will the line be stable? I'll just have to wait and see.

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