Friday, June 12, 2009

Busy (Assignments and Internship)

I have been occupied for the last few days. First there was the issue on how the university I'm in screwed up my student account. Now that it has been settled, Thank You Michelle :) , I have to think on how am I going to start my 3 assignments which requires me to build some hardware.

The first assignment is very general. We are ask to build an Analogue system that is usefull and interesting. Now what is that suppose to mean? I am still wondering. My lecturer gave us an example of a car alarm system and says we building an FM transmitter won't count since some of the groups in my lectures have done that in their previous semesters. So what am I to build? Any suggestions?

The second assignment is to build a remote control race car with an adjustable "spoiler". Now I know this assignment sounds cool but if you're in my shoes, it ain't that cool. First, I have to do LOTS of research. and then buy hardware using my own pocket money and 3rd, I have no clue yet as to how we're going to build this remote control race car. I did suggest to my group mambers to buy a cheap remote control car and tear is apart to see what's inside. Then hopefully, we can get an idea and start from there.

The 3rd assignment is to go buy any kind of antenna and do a case study on it. It just means that we have to see study how it works. Notice that in all these 3 assignment we have to use our own cash? Sighs.. All in 1 go.

There is one more thing I have to think about and it is the most important thing right now. It is regarding my Industrial training that will commence on 1st October for 3 months. I have already completed my resume and cover letter and made 2 applications in Jobstreet today. Hopefully I get a good company.
(Random blabbering: 1 company in Kedah offering RM1200 per month for internship, but need to work for 12 months)
Also, if any of you know of any company that offers internship for an electronic student in KL or Penang, Please let me know. I am interested. Thank you in advance. :)

Geez.. It's getting late already. I better go get some rest.


miKE said...

icic..glad to hear that everything is going've never say anyone's name in your blog,who's michelle??;)

Anonymous said...

good luck in your application..remember to apply more to widen your choices..all the best..;)

me2baby said...

mike: She's a very close friend and has been helping me sort out the mess. The lest I can do is to thank her :)

anonymous: thanks for the advice. if you happen to know any company do let me know ya. thanks

Anonymous said...

is it better to be busy than have nothing to do or is it better to have nothing to do than busy???what you think??

Anonymous said...
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