Monday, June 22, 2009

Some Fun

Few weeks back I was in "Yaki-Yaki Japanese barbeque buffet Restaurant" with some friends from my campus. We had a great time eating and playing. Esspecially the playing :)

I feel the food could have been better. It was ok just that I feel there isn't much choice compared to places like "Jogoya" or "Shogun".

This looked good, but I prefer it raw :) I ate mostly fish. Why? Because fish is expensive and I just didn't want to fill my tummy with common stuff like sushi. So fish it was. In "Yaki-Yaki", they give you a tab perperson where you exchange it for an alcohol of your choice. Since there where about 15 of us, we had 15 tabs which we shared. Sake was at the top of the list. Well at least my list :D It was warm and nice.

After awhile, I decide that the cup was too small and some guys helped me drink it off the bottle.

We had more than just sake. Carlsberg made its way in and soon, we we drinking as much as 15 tabs would allow us.We even ushered the new semester with a few cheers

And after that, someone wanted to check if I was really a boy. ISH -_-'''

I guess it's just important to have some fun :)

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Anonymous said...

wah...looks fun..sure you enjoyed..still in uni need to enjoy more..and balance your life between studies and enjoyment..that's called life fulfillment..take things day at a can never go wrong...;)

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