Sunday, June 7, 2009

For Those Who Love To Save

DiGi has a new project; "For Those Who Love To Save". It's a charity thing where we click (vote) and DiGi will give a small amount to the charity organization of our choice. There are 3 main categories; Nature, Health and Social, and in these 3 main categories, there are a few organization we can choose to support. I chose SPCA Selangor.

I visited SPCA Selangor once and it really saddens me to see most of these dogs abandoned by their previous owners. It's like an orphanage for cats and dogs. What these people do in SPCA is give these animals LOVE and CARE. Right now, I'm not capable of adopting a dog or a cat, so the least I can do, is vote. It just takes 3 simple steps. Just click and in a matter of minutes, you're done. So why not shelf our selfishness and click here or the banner below to do your part and SAVE..


SPCA volanteer said...

kudos!!!for a great effort..if you really have the means, you should adopt a dog from SPCA..they really need love and care from passionate ppl like you.

Anonymous said... a dog lover too...topper,will you get a dog for me???:):):):);)

Anonymous said...

hey...ur such a babe..thanks for supporting this cause..may you be blessed and cared as much a you give...;)

miKE said...

yay!!me2baby is such a lover..hopes he gets back a great life as well;)may god bless u!

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