Thursday, January 28, 2010

Plants vs Zombies (update)

I finished playing the 'Adventure' mode and got my silver trophy XD
Once you've beaten the big boss (Dr. Zomboss) your sunflower will sing a pretty cute song while the zombies fill your garden and dance.

Dr. Zomboss sits on a giant zombot (lol) and that stupid looking guy hanging upside down is crazy Dave. He's usually upright but towards the end, he got caught by the zombies.

See my silver trophy? hahaha... The wordings that pop up is to tell me that I can get a golden flower if I play the mini-games, puzzle and survival games. In other words, the more I play, the more trophies I get. I don't know why, but I'm addicted to it. All-in all, complete your 'Adventure' mode and look forward to the singing video XD


Anonymous said...

yer............not fair!!!!!!!i am still playing the game...can't wait to look forward to winning it...haha

chykeenzachary said...

hey...i am also addicted to this game. i won the silver trophy while ago and guess what? i remember the lyrics also..hahahahaha..the tree of wisdom?my favourite

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