Monday, July 19, 2010

Not Good

It's been awhile since my last entry. Florence has already left for Australia, I bought a new Gundam toy, sat for 3 mid-term test last week, just finished my lab report and will be handed in later today, and I'm feeling soooo damn fucked up.

I've been down and out mentally and emotionally for the past couple of weeks and the reason is simple I don't know what the heck I am doing in my work(studies) and labs. I feel lost; stressed up and see no road to my problems. I guess every student faces this kinda stuff once in awhile huh...

I've been preparing for one of my test since my semester started. Even bofore my test I did all the tutorials, and was damn sure I would get it right this time. But while I was doing the test, I got carried away and did a little more than was required. Now the thing is I might not get any marks at all even though I did extra because the argument is that I did not understood the question =( it has been bugging me till now and doing the lab report just now, I have not a clue on if what I'm doing is right. I read books, online research to find answers and complete the report but I really really not sure if what I wrote is the right thing. You know, sometimes when you do something, you get a feeling or you just know you are right. This time while doing the report, I got nothing. NO strong gut feeling to say It's the right one. In fact, I'm worried sick that I'll flung this lab report.

I'm really messed up like this kite string

See how shitty it is? That's what's inside me me now. How to sort it out? I have not the slightest clue. If you got an advice for me, I'd appreciate it. Thanks =)

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Anonymous said...

You need to take things once at a time..there are always ups and downs in life..the stronger you become is when you learn from the difficult times...if you don't do well until you get what you not give up easily..its not wrong to fell fucked up at times,but get over it soon and carry on with life..there are so many other things for you to look forward to in life..this is for you..")
How do you cope with nopes, with fallen hopes,
with must-haves that go poof in the night?
Do you glum out and turn numb?
I do, for a while. Join me.

How can you know what you don't know?
You need answers, but all you hear is
the inside of your head. Do you worry?
I do, for a while. Join me.

Is happiness just beyond the next locked gate,
and no one around with key or hammer?
Do you fantasize with fruitless wishing?
I do, for a while. Join me.

When trouble somehow dissolves from notice
and leaves you breathing free again,
do you smile a breath of thank you into the One?
I do, for a while. Join me.

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