Saturday, June 26, 2010


Something really funny happen to me last week. There was a carnival at my campus last week. Not a Lots of food but games. They also had this system where if you spend money, u get one chop on your lucky draw coupon. Collect 3 and you're entitle to one lucky draw.

My friends and I manage to collect 6 and when I did the lucky draw, they told me I won a 'notepad'. I was stunted because for a moment I was thinking of this...
Acer Aspire 4551-321G32L
or maybe this...

But NO!!! It was none of the above. Instead, I got this..

I haven't seen these notepads in ages. Well that's because I'm so use to computer computer computer... I was laughing at myself the whole time after that HaHaHaHa.. Sometimes, I just think I think too much XP


bee kean said...

haha... you really think too much already...not so easy to get expensive thing in lucky draw... lol... but you consider a bit lucky.. at least get some thing.. i only lucky in one time.. which is getting drew to participate national service.. is good or bad drew?

Anonymous said...'re so funny and cute:P

me2baby said...

Bee Kean, I think it's a good draw since we got to know each other =) I still wish I got a "notepad" though =(

Hahaha anony, Thanks XD

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