Thursday, June 16, 2011


About a month ago, I was rushing to pick my sis from work and right after I made right turn coming out from a traffic light junction, the car in front of me hit the brakes. Naturally, that's what I did too. Unfortunately for me, my car didn't stop immediately. It kinda 'slowed' down then BANG!!! I kissed the viva in front of me =.=||

My car's damage.

Pretty bad huh..
My damage was worst than the viva's. I told her I'll compensate her so no need for a police report. Initially she said OK. Then later on she called me saying her friend asked her to make a police report. Really WTF!! I found out later on that her friend has some connections with the traffic police. My bro-in-law and I kept staring at the guy and I guess he felt it, he immediately disappeared into the office. Real jack ass. Even the police that took picture of our damage asked. "viva tak de pa pon". I just smiled at him because I knew everyone knows =|

Anyways, with just a little dent at the back, and a police report... hmmm... which reminds me; I still haven't paid my summons =.=

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Anonymous said...

Curse that stupid bitch and her stupid friend!!fucking crocodiles!!!!!

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