Sunday, June 19, 2011

Liverpool Tickets

I rushed to Qbay Immediately after work. Scurried to the lower ground and into ADIDAS sports shop and asked the sales person, "Do you have the Liverpool tickets?". He replied, "Only the RM388's are left".

I pondered hard. To Buy or Not To Buy. Then I decided it was a little too pricey and told the guy, "I'll be back". I hurried off to Artist Gallery on the 2nd floor, saw the guy at the counter and went, "Eh!! YOU!! You use to work in Prangin Mall right? Beside England Optical?" He smiled at me saying "Yea, I remember you too". "Awesome", I said, "Now, I want Liverpool tickets" and now, I am the happiest person alive XD

Four tickets. I got FOUR tickets to watch Liverpool play Live in Malaysia FOR the very 1st time. See YOU in Bukit Jalil, 16 July 2011... booyah XD


beekean @ mei juan said...

sooooo dis 4 tickets FREE? :D

Anonymous said...

eh....four tickets?the other three would be for?enjoy the game!!;)im going too.

me2baby said...

BEE KEAN: No la siao meh.. hahaha.. I bought them

Anonymous said...

liverpool in 14 days!!!!!!!!!yeah.......hahahahahaahahahahahahahah

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