Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Liverpool.. I want YOU!!!

Liverpool is coming to town next month (16 July) and the tickets are already almost sold out =C

What's left is just the cheap RM58 tickets which has seating's that are not very attractive. Bukit Jalil Stadium is a multipurpose stadium and with the running track around the field, with the RM58 ticket, your view wouldn't be nice. So.. not nice =C 

What's left of course is the RM388 tickets which are kinda pricey AND, they are behind the bench so you cant really see Kenny screaming at the Reds 'move up' or a 'piss off' to our national couch. LOL!!!

I'm guessing that tickets for online buying is full due to allocations around the country so hopefully tomorrow when I go to Qbay, they have those RM108 tickets for me.

URGH!!! I really wana go watch Liverpool play so badly. It would be a dream come true if I get to have drinks with them too.. *imagining*

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