Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bolton 0-1 Man Utd

A last minute goal by Berbatov was enough to assure Man Utd a victory over Bolton. A cross by Tevez who was still standing after a failed tackle by two Bolton defenders and a header by Berbatov from the centre of the box right into the centre of the goal was the winning formula.

Ronaldo took 3 free kicks and none found the net. The visitors were pretty accurate at their shots having many "on target" shots and were a threat to Bolton many time but thanks to Bolton's Jaaskelainen and their rather tough defence, the match remained 0-0 for 89 minutes.

Halfway through the 1st half of the game, some idiotic fan decide he wanted to become famous and ran into the field. Only to be caught by the officials. All I saw was the officials rushing into the field and dragging this guy out of the field.
Speaking about idiots, what was with Makukula's tackle? He just barge into Vidic from the back. What was that for? He could have gotten a red. Was he paid to sabotage Bolton? It kind of makes me wonder.

Although Man Utd were in possession most of the time, Bolton did create some chances. Among them at the 57th minute when a Jlloyd Samuel cross was headed high by Kevin Davies. At 86th minute, Muamba missed the goal from his right foot shot. It would have been a beatiful goal had it not been a miss.

Watching this game, I really thought it would end up to a goalless draw but I guess Bolton's defence slacked a little towards the end; giving Man Utd an opportunity. At the end, I'd say Man Utd got lucky, and is now at the top of the table. :)

Liverpool will be facing Everton on Monday. With Chelsea beating Stoke City 2-1 and Arsenal earning 3 points with a victory over Hull City ( Hull City 1-3 Arsenal), I'm hoping Liverpool will earn their 3 points and top table again. :P


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good review..keep up the good sounded formal though..haha..cheers!

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haha...what a good game..i watched it from home with my buddies..good game man u!!

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hey...good review..thanks!!haha..proud to be a MAN U fan!!

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you sound like you force yourself in this review...since you are a liverpool fan..haha..are you???

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one for all..all for one...haha

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