Thursday, January 15, 2009

A day at Wendy's.

I would choose dining in Wendy's over McD simple because they make better burgers. They are WAY better than any McD burgers and for the price that I pay to eat in a McD outlet, I would rather just spend a few more Ringgit and dine in Wendy's.

I was in Wendy's earlier today and I ordered a half-pound double with cheese. It was BIG. I had a combo set that came with a soft-drink and some fries. They are not stingy with their beef, and so to with the vegetables. The beef well prepared and wrapped in paper with one side that looks like an aluminium coat. This is ensure that your burger is always warm. The drink was the size of what would normally be a large in McD; but in Wendy's, it's only medium. Large in Wendy's is HUGE!!!

The thing about wendy's is it not only has big serving, it tastes good. The buns are soft and warm. cheese melted; vegetables all fresh looking (smells fresh too). The juicy beef is the main thing that made my mouth water. It's JUICY. It's not dry and hard, but rather, it's soft and juicy.

There are other great stuff on the menu. There's chicken burgers as well as shrimps. Other would be the hot stuffed baked potatoes. 3 types of stuffings for you to choose from. I kind of fancy the one with bacon and cheese. Another thing off the menu that I fancy as well is the frosty. The very basic one is the Original frosty. There are others like the frosty shake and frosty float.

Now, If you love burgers, you'd love Wendy's. For me, Wendy's is the place I'd be the next time I crave for a burger.


MiRacle@ said... a fan of Wendy's too..i enjoy the shrimp burger.i'll not forget to order the baked potatoes too..its delicious!!

miKe said...

yeah..wendy's the best...@@@@@

Anonymous said...

Wendy's give a great deal..i like it 2..!!

Anonymous said...

yup...we should support wendy's now..moreover,mCD has alliance with ISRAEL..we should boycott MC' to MCD!!!

Anonymous said...

wendy???never heard of it...i think onli in kl right....if i have a chance to go ther i think i have to try it out...lolz...hungry!!!

lanSON said...

yay....wendy's have killer buns!! it!!yup..i support you...we should boycott mcd..say NO!!

Anonymous said...

love wendy!!!great choice..

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