Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Liverpool 1-1 Everton

Sadness.. Sadness.. And more sadness.. Just looking at the score line makes me heart broken. I woke at about 5am, turn on my PC, and stream online this match. It was half time and the score board was 0-0. I sat and watched the 2nd half really nothing interesting about it. Then suddenly Gerard's shot found the back of the net. At 68 minute, I thought AWESOME !!! Liverpool now sure will win. But an individual known as Tim Cahilll destroyed my dream. At the 87th minute, he headed an equalizer. Now I am stunned. Man Utd is at the top of the table, and have a game in hand. Will Man Utd win this season again or will Liverpool win the fight ? We'll just sit and watch.


miKE said...

its ok...many more chance to go..go liverpool!!

Anonymous said... again one...i wan more variety!!!

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