Sunday, February 1, 2009


Just when I thought I would have to be contented with just this,
my sister and her husband went on to buy more explosives...
Playing the "ANG PHOW" is illegal so we went up to our family estate, up in the hills and away from the city and those annoying policemen.
Hanging from that durian tree is my RM28 8ft monster :)
Before releasing it, we did have some fun with the other fire crackers. Below are some of the crackers caught in action.
All that caught on camera :) Awesome isn't it ? If you liked the pictures, you'll love this video :) It's a little dark but it's "viewable". (remember to turn up your speaker)


Gone in 32 seconds. But I really enjoyed myself. Just watching it blow-up, the flashy lights, the loud explosion, the smoky smell after everything is over; it is this that completes my Chinese New Year :) Knowing that I'm actually still very excited about this whole thing. My brother-in-law took this picture from the video of the last explosion.I can't wait for the next Chinese New Year.


MiRacle@ said...

wow...what a great new year!!how i wished i spent it the same way as you did..sigh..

Anonymous said...

waaahhhh!!!i liked it a lot..great video..really brings back the mood in me..

Anonymous said...

happy chinese Ox new year me2baby!!!gong xi gong xi!!

miKe said...

wah..what a great new year..amazing!!i played fireworks too..but not that great..

Anonymous said...

gong xi..gong xi...fatt fat choi!!wahaha..

Anonymous said...

wow..what a great chinese new i wished i was you..haih..

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