Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Last Sunday was a quiet day for me. That changed very fast within 2 days. I stayed up the entire night trying to write my moral assignment in BM. I have been speaking english and am struggling with my Mandarin and Cantonese, suddenly, I have to write in BM again. So what seem to be a simple task turn out to be quite a challenge. I had an online translator to help but I didn't find it of much help. I typed in "Having said that" and it translated for me into "Mempunyai berkata yang". Errr... I didn't think that made any sense. Never mind I thought. I'll just reconstruct my sentences.

My topic was rather an interesting topic. It's a group work and I was assign to discuss from the point of view of any religion regarding same sex marriages. I chose Catholicism. Reason being, I'm a Catholic. I found this online website that actually gave a very good argument about the church's stand on same sex marriages.

Wikipedia defines homosexuality as a sexual behavior or attraction between people of the same sex or to homosexual orientation.
Briefly, the church does not condemn gays or lesbians but rather the act of it. It's not wrong if a person is gay or a lesbian, but if the person chooses to have a have a sexual relationship with another person of the same sex, then, it's wrong.

I wrote a 5 page report for my assignment base on this website, a bible and speaking to a member of a charismatic prayer group in my church. So now that I'm done with my assignment, I'll have to study for an upcoming mid-term exam on Tuesday. *sigh...


MiRacle@ said...

interesting topic to wirte about..but im glad i dont need to do it..haha

Anonymous said... that also can..haih..kesian you..

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