Thursday, February 19, 2009


The clock shows 3.36am. No I'm not awake because of the Man Utd match later, neither am I awake to download anime. I'm thinking about my mid-terms. Basically, worried.

It's already coming to the end of week 6 for my University. That means my mid-term is just around the bend. My body is suppose to be cuddling my pillow on my bed while my mind should have been in dreamland about an hour ago. I was studying before this and the subject I was doing is the subject I really have no clue about since day 1. Even after deciding it was time for bed, I can't sleep. I'm still wide awake.

I've been thinking about my up coming mid-term exams. I'm not sure I'll finish studying in time for it. Time does not seem to be on my side. I've been studying but is it enough? That's the other thing that's bugging me. Will I be able to pull through? I know I seem not confident at all. Well, I wish I knew where it went.

I have class later at 9am. I guess I should just go read a portion of my notes and digest it. Hopefully I'll feel better.


Anonymous said... going through the same also.but as long as you do your best..everything will be fine..try your best..and dont give up..kamapte!!

Anonymous said...

dont be so stressed one thing at a time..because the more you are worried,you will tend to miss out on all the simple things life can give will not be happie..i hope you will stay happie..cheers!!

Anonymous said...

consistency is the consistent in your studies and everything will be fine..

Anonymous said...

how nice if we dont need to study and just ive life the best as we want..we dont need to follow the road most travellled but to follow the road less travelled..doing things that we love the most..and most importantly..we are happy..however,it is not the case in reality..just do the best in what you have beed given..and be grateful.

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