Saturday, February 7, 2009

TM; A Screw-Up.

My Internet was down for the pass few days. It seems TM was giving me some problem again. I called up TM "technical assistance" to lodge a report regarding this matter and to tell them that my home phone has no dial-tone.
The following day, I received no call whatsoever from any TM officer for an update. Basically, I was left in the dark. Tired of waiting, I called TM back in the evening. I wasn't able to get them the 1st time. I had to keep calling, calling, and calling and finally, someone answered. I asked about the status of the report I made the day before and they told me

TM: "Sir, this is cable problem. Your area got a lot of construction so maybe one of the cable
there has been damaged by the construction."

ME: "What construction? Where?"

TM: "Sorry sir, I don't have that information. It is only written in our system that your area
got cable problem and our technician is still monitoring the problem."

ME: "Ok... When is the dateline for this report?"

TM: "Today sir."

ME: "The dateline is today and you haven't fixed the problem?"

TM: "Yes sir but we are still monitoring the problem. Sir not only you affected. About 600
people in your area also affected."

Ok whatever. The dateline for the report I made was due that day and still nothing was done. I was PISSED. The fact that they could tell me that some cable was hit by a construction site but couldn't tell you where it is is MIND-BOGGLING. I was told to wait further and that someone would call me the following day to update me.

I did get a phone call the next day from a TM officer who said they were still monitoring the situation and needed me to wait. So I waited... the whole day. At the end of that day, I got tired of waiting, I called back at about 9.30pm. The usual, I had to make several tries before someone answers my call. I enquired about my case and he put me on-hold for ooo-so-long and when he finally got back to me, he told the same story. Cable problem. He even told me that I'm calling the wrong department. I asked him "If I'm calling the wrong department, why is it that from the beginning, your colleague could open a report for me? Why is it that your colleague could help me earlier?" In case he didn't realise, when I called, I pressed 6 for "TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE".
He wasn't of any help. so I decided to call back, hoping to get a different operator who could get things done for me fast. I called back, talk to a different operator, and this is what he told me

TM: "Sir, right now, I checked, the technician has already change the slot-card but we are
not sure why your side still has no dial-tone."

ME: "Why just now I call you guys didn't tell me this? All your colleague told me was 'cable

TM: "Ah.. But now I check, it says that the technician has already changed the slot-card. So
we are not sure why the problem still persist. We are still monitoring this problem sir.
Because this problem only affects you."

That's when I blew my top.

ME: "Ha.. wait.. you see. When I called you up earlier regarding this matter you guys tell me
about 600 over people affected. Now you are telling me only me affected? What are you
trying to tell me? Are you trying to cook-up a story so you'll no need to work? I call you
using my cell phone, who pays for the bill? I do, and I have to call you back to check
back on the status of this report. Who pays for the bills? I do. I pay you guys but you
give this kind of service...."

Suddenly the phone line went dead. WTF!!! The operator hung-up on me? I tried calling back but could not call through. I was so PISSED, I turned on my friends computer, use the wireless his laptop was able to detect and lodge a complain to the "Federation Of Malaysian Consumers Association"(FOMCA) through "National Consumer Complaints Centre"(NCCC).

This morning I turned on my modem, miraculously, I was able to log on to the World Wide Web. Did NCCC helped me? I wouldn't know yet. But things are now working; though for how long, I wouldn't know.

We as consumers have got Rights. Every time you feel cheated, PLEASE go straight to FOMCA to lodge a complain.
We should exercise our Rights as a consumer.


Mango~ said...

wah...what a great move...salute you!!!muaks!!!indeed my no1 favourite blogger..

Anonymous said...

F**k TM!!i had the same problem..i am now supporting P1Wimax..they never walk the talk..

MiRacle@ said...

great job in giving them a piecee of mind..i support you..screw those TM suckers!!..bad service..overcharge and bad line all the TIME!!!

me2baby said...

I still have 4 months in my contract, So right now I cant terminate this line.

meijuan said...

wah, hor man oh... fight for ur rights ya... i like it... hehe....

hiPpo said...

ya...i had the same experience as well..i didnt give a damn to the contract..i just carried on with maxis..screw TM!!f**k...

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