Thursday, May 28, 2009

Man Utd fell in Rome

In terms of skills, Man Utd were nowhere near Barcelona. Barcelona displayed a lot of determination and did amazingly well in controlling the ball. Both teams did have their fair share of stupidly wasting the opportunity to score goals, but in the end, it was Barcelona who prevailed.

Park Ji-Sung could have put the Devil's in the lead early in the first-half but shot it way above the top bar.Then, Ronaldo took a free-kick 32m away from the goal, which was on target, but was denied a goal by Victor Valdes. Barcelona had to wait only 10 minutes when Eto'o tucked it behind Edwin to give them the lead over Man Utd.

The start of the second-half saw Barcelona wasting a lot of chances. Just watching it pissed me off. Van der Sar was impressive. He was working and working and working. He made a lot of nice saves and for that I have to give him credit. Messi finally nailed it in the 70th minute. A cross from Xavi, a jump from Messi, and using the side of his head, he basically sealed a win for Barcelona. Man utd were deparately fighting but at last, 90 minutes came to an end. Barcelona had won.

Looking at the entire match, Man Utd were more often than not being toyed by Barcelona. Barcelona crossed the ball with pinpoint acuracy and the players seem to know where and who to pass the ball to. They played really beautiful football and deserve their win. Well, this is pretty much the end of the football season. This weekend will see Everton take-on Chelsea for the FA cup. It should be interesting :)

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Anonymous said...

walau..your football terms so "chim" one..i also dun understand..but you are happie as long as man utd didnt win..haha..beh tah han..:p

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